Students who have to complete a pre-admissions test may require access to accommodations. Please note that the CCPT or Computerized College Placement Testing is no longer required to determine a student's first semester English and/or Math course as of July 2020.   

Admissions testing is completed on a computer, via an online testing system using our third party proctor, Examity.  Students will not have to handwrite any portion of their test.

If you would like access to accommodations for your pre-admissions test, please fill out the form below. This form should be filled out at least 2 weeks prior to your testing date as it may take that long for students to receive official confirmation of their testing accommodations from Humber Accessible Learning Services (ALS).   Please be advised that students with testing accommodations are advised not to book a date for their pre-admissions until they have received confirmation to ensure their accommodations are in place for testing.

Date and Time of Booking *
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Students who require accommodations are required to submit documentation to Accessible Learning Services for review. If you require accommodations, please make a note of your request in the box below. We will forward your contact information to Accessible Learning Services. Please Note: it may take up to two weeks from when we receive documentation for a decision to be made.