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Sustainability is one of Humber College’s six values and our goal is to be a “national leader in developing sustainable campuses” (2018-2023 Humber Strategic Plan).

We strive to connect the natural world to our students, staff and faculty, and encourage our community to be environmental stewards. We are proud to announce that we are taking steps towards protecting pollinators by becoming a certified Bee Campus.

Bees pollinate approximately 70% of the world’s crops and without them, our grocery stores would be empty. Sadly, there are many threats facing pollinators today including harmful pesticides and the climate crisis.

Some of the actions we have taken to protect pollinators include:

  • Installing hives at our North and Lakeshore campuses as well as the Humber Arboretum to educate our community.
  • Installing a pollinator garden in front of the Centre for Urban Ecology.
  • Harvesting honey at our campus apiaries, which is then used by Humber Culinary Management students and the Office of Sustainability.
  • Offering a Sustainable Beekeeping course through the Arboretum with topics ranging from equipment and Toronto native bees to growing native plants.

We are excited to partner with Bee City Canada to ensure we are advocating for native species in the 250 acres of natural space surrounding Humber’s campuses.

Interested in protecting pollinators in your own backyard? We encourage students, staff and faculty to show their support for this initiative by taking the Pollinator Protector Pledge

If you have questions about the Bee Campus certification, please email


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