Humber's Reusable Container Program Friendlier

Responsible Consumption and Production
Three people holding blue Friendlier food containers

Humber introduced reusable containers on campus in the Fall of 2022 to reduce single-use packaging waste. Since then, over 250,000 single use containers avoided landfill thanks to community members who joined the program.  

Meals from main dining outlets at the North and Lakeshore campuses will be served on Friendlier containers. 

Users will be charged refundable deposits of $0.50 per container. Refunds are to be requested using the Friendlier mobile app or on their website. Containers can be returned to designated collection bins located near participating food outlets and residences. 

By eating 2 meals a week in a reusable container, one individual can keep about 50 containers from going to landfill in a school year.

For a list of frequently asked questions visit #ReuseHumber | Humber Retail Services and contact diningplan@humber.ca with any questions.

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