TORONTO, ONTARIO – Humber received the Green Building Visionary award on June 6 at the Canada Green Building Council’s (CAGBC) Building Lasting Change conference. The institution was recognized for its innovative approaches to advancing green building technology, products, capacity building, policy, design, and operations. 

The Green Building Visionary Award is given to organizations that exemplify a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, pushing the industry, competitors, customers, and employees towards continuous improvement. This recognition aligns with CAGBC's mission to advance green building practices in Canada. 

“Humber College has been an early adopter of our Zero Carbon Building Standards,” said CAGBC President and CEO Thomas Mueller. “With the rollout of its 2023 Green Building Standards, which includes mandatory Zero Carbon Building and LEED Platinum certification, stringent EUIs, and a commitment to resiliency and occupant wellness, Humber College is truly visionary.”   

Humber’s projects aim to influence transformational change by setting new standards in energy efficiency and sustainable construction. 

“Our recent and upcoming projects highlight the significant impact we have on the building industry,” said Ann Marie Vaughan, President and CEO of Humber. “We aspire for Humber’s initiatives to inspire and challenge the entire education sector to aim higher.” 

Humber’s portfolio reflects a dedication to high-performance, zero-carbon buildings, and sustainable operations.  

“By providing hands-on, real-world experiences to our graduates, and by collaborating closely with designers, architects, and builders, we elevate industry standards with each innovation and new benchmark we set.” said Aman Hehar, associate director of Energy & Climate Change at Humber. 

Some of Humber’s key initiatives and achievements include: 

  • Ongoing Cultural Hub Construction: A 365,000 sq. ft. net zero development, pursuing LEED Platinum, and the largest Zero Carbon Building – Design Standard certification for a university or college institution in Ontario. 
  • Ongoing SWITCH Project: This District Energy project aims to reduce on-site fossil fuel use at Humber's largest campus by 70 per cent. 
  • Green Building Standards: Released stringent sustainability requirements for all developments, emphasizing zero carbon buildings and LEED Platinum certification.  
  • 2020 Nx Retrofit: First retrofit project in Canada to achieve Zero Carbon Building – Design Standard and Passive House standard. 
  • 2019 Barrett CTI: Certified LEED Platinum and the country’s second-largest net-zero energy building. 
  • 2016-2024: Named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. 
  • 2008 Centre for Urban Ecology: First LEED Gold building in Toronto, innovating with a 100 per cent passive cooling system. 
  • 2003 Living Wall: One of the first and largest "living walls" in Canada. 

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