The Emerge On Brand event brought in a panel to discuss social media marketing

Photo courtesy of Addison Cheverie.

The fourth-year media studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber wrapped their sixth Emerge event of the year with a panel about social media.

Emerge is a four-month long capstone project where all graduating media studies students use their three-and-a-half years of education to create a print magazine as well as organize various events throughout the semester.

Their most recent event on March 22, called On Brand, brought in five leading specialists and influencers to discuss the social media marketing industry.  

Adriana Gibowic, fourth-year media studies student specializing in media business, was the team lead for the event. Gibowic found that social media was an important topic to cover because it is increasingly becoming a large aspect of the media business world that students should understand.

“With Emerge, and putting on these events, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring a social media aspect to the program for the students to come out, learn more and gain first-hand experience from influencers,” Gibowic said.

With more than 200 students working on the Emerge project, communication between all of the streams became challenging at times. However, Shainika Thirukumar, a media business student and financial lead for the On Brand event, explained that this problem helped her to see how working in a large company might feel.

“It’s good to see how different we network with each other and work our way through. It’s a good look into what a company would do in terms of communication,” Thirukumar said.

Gibowic agreed that the four-month long project was a great learning experience.

“I think that Emerge is a great opportunity to gain experience in a more hands-on, professional way,” she said. “I am interested in social media and event planning so it was, for me, the perfect opportunity to put those two together and into practice.”

The event consisted of an almost two-hour panel discussion with Daniel Reyes, influencer and CEO of Do the Daniel Inc.; Senior Account Manager at The Colony Project Lianne Pitts, actor and YouTube content creator Marlon Palmer; lifestyle blogger Dee Thomson; and influencer and CEO of Hashtag Communications Inc. Rachel David. The panel was followed by a question and answer period as well as a mix-and-mingle where students could talk further with the panelists, grab food and enter into a raffle competition.

“It was just an all-around fun panel and I think that it was just rewarding to see that everybody was actually interested in it,” Gibowic said.