Elizabeth Abols, a 19-year-old Humber Business Administration student, has published her first book entitled, Make Money the Smart Way

“Everyone is at a different point in their life, but being able to save and handle money is a valuable skill that can help you succeed in life. I hope my book helps teens and adults to become financially literate,” says Abols.

The easy to understand book is divided into ten chapters and each chapter aims to help teenagers be more conscious of their finances and control their spending habits. The book uses the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) model and provides real-life examples that a young reader can relate to.

Elizabeth Abols, a 19-year-old Humber Business Administration student, published her first book

“Growing up my mother always taught us [my sister and I] how to save and take care of our finances. I wanted to teach others how to save as well,” says Abols.

Elizabeth’s positive attitude and determination to succeed helped her stay focused. “The biggest challenge was to balance school life and personal life, so I set goals,” says Abols.

She didn’t let her health challenges steer her away from achieving her goals and becoming successful. “I have a learning disability – math and reading comprehension. I am legally blind in my left eye and also have Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD),” says Abols.

Goal setting and discipline played a vital role in the completion of the book, “I set goals of writing one chapter a day. Each chapter has six pages, so I divided the pages between morning and night. I set myself a target and rewarded myself each time I achieved that goal,” Abols says.

Abols is also involved in the community and as a mental health advocate including involvement with the semi-colon project. When asked what advice she would give to other teenagers or students, she says, “start off with something really small and each time you achieve that goal, make it bigger.”

The book, Make Money the Smart Way, is available on Amazon.