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The BSSE (Black Student Support and Engagement) Program seeks to provide students who identify as Black, African, and Caribbean with community, resources and support to help them fully maximize on their campus experience. Our programming is open to students within Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber.

Empowerment starts at BSSE

BSSE exists to create both a safe and strong space for students who identify as being Black. To that end, we host several workshops and key events geared towards enhancing your power! Two examples of such activities are; the Kings Gathering and the Queens Circle. Check out our Black Heritage Month 365 Calendar to see some of the ways our Humber community is engaging in anti-racism education.

This Semester, We're Available both Virtually and In-person! Connect with Us via Email or Find Us on Social Media

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Stefan Thomas (He/Him)

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