Humber Residence House Rules for Overnight Accommodation Guests

Humber College Residence – House Rules Agreement


Upon check-in, all adults (18+) will be required to sign a registration form at the front desk. Keys will then be issued. If you lock yourself out of your room, please go to the front desk where a new key will be issued. You are required to return the original key to the front desk immediately. If you have lost or misplaced your key, the front desk will issue you a new one and your old key will be deactivated. All keys must be returned to the front desk upon check-out. If a significant number of keys are lost during the group stay, charges may apply.

Electrical appliances (hot plates, toaster ovens etc.) and additional furniture are expressly prohibited. Microwaves are provided in Suites and/or Common Lounges. Utensils and dinnerware are not provided; you are welcome to bring your own to use during your stay. It is your responsibility to either dispose of the utensils and dinnerware before you leave. Any utensils and dinnerware left in the room after checkout will be removed and disposed in the garbage.

Common Lounges/Studies/Dining Areas

Common lounges are located on each floor, and are accessible with your room key. Please note you will not have access to common lounges on other floors. Cable TV and complimentary Wi-Fi access is available in the common lounges. You will be sharing the common lounge with all other guests situated on your floor. Please be respectful and clean up after yourself. 

Lounges in single dorm-style buildings have a microwave and sink. This is a shared common area and you are responsible for the items you bring into this space. Do not store any items or personal belongings in these spaces, as we are not responsible for any damaged or missing items.

Buildings with suite-style rooms have common lounges and studies on some of the floors. Key access may be required. These spaces are intended to be a quiet place for independent work or study. The study rooms are open for everyone on the floor, so please be respectful to others using it and dispose of all garbage and recycling in the bins provided. Do not store any items or personal belongings in these spaces, as we are not responsible for any damaged or missing items.

Furniture in the lounges/studies and dining hall may not be removed. If furniture is removed or displaced, fines may be applicable.

If you wish to rent a study space for a private or group function, please contact the Central Events Office for rates and availability. 

There is absolutely no sleeping overnight in any common areas of the residence or campus. These are common areas are for everyone to share, and any client or guest found sleeping in the common areas will be asked to either leave or return to their room. 

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol 

Smoking of any kind, including marijuana, is not permitted on Humber property, in compliance with the Ontario Smoking Laws and Humber’s Smoking Policy (See If you are found smoking in any part of the residence building, you will be charged the cost of cleaning or repair and your reservation may be cancelled. In addition, should the facility smoke alarms be triggered as a result of your smoking inside the building, the entire building will be evacuated and any charges Humber receives will be applied to the client or guest. There is a minimum $150 fine for tampering with fire/smoke alarm equipment. 

Possession and/or use of illegal substances will result in cancellation of your booking, and your removal from the Humber premises. 

If you meet the legal age requirement for the consumption of alcohol in Ontario, such alcohol consumption is restricted to your suite/dorm room. Glass beer and liquor bottles are not permitted in the residence building. Open alcohol and alcohol consumption is prohibited in all common areas in residence and on campus. Growing, baking, smoking or selling cannabis on Humber property is strictly prohibited.


In-room Housekeeping services are not provided. Towel exchange service can be arranged in advance, where guests can exchange their used towels at the front desk. We provide the initial linens at the beginning of your stay, and every 7 days, bed linens (pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets) can be exchanged at the front desk, if required. 

We offer free access to our on-site laundry facility.  Laundry detergents are not provided.  

Please dispose of all garbage properly. If you have any questions about the use of any equipment please ask staff for assistance.

Public Safety/Security

After 10pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends, the main campus buildings will be locked and Public Safety will be required to provide access. (Access varies on statutory holidays when the campus is closed).  Entrance to the Residence requires key access at all times. Campus Security is available and on site 24/7.

Humber has a zero tolerance policy to the use of violence, illegal drugs, and with respect to harassment. Please call 416.675.8500 from any phone should you have any public safety concerns. For emergencies, call 416.675.6622 x3464.

The Campus Walk Program is intended to provide assistance to anyone on campus who wishes to be walked to their vehicle parked on, or walked to the perimeter of, campus property. To request a Campus Walk, please call or (416) 675.8500.

Please visit: for more details on the Department of Public Safety at Humber.

Quiet Hours

All guests must keep the noise level to a minimum between the hours of 11pm and 7am. Should there be a noise complaint, staff will be informed and will be authorized to address the issue. Please be respectful to all guests and staff.

If you have a noise complaint between 11pm – 7am, inform the front desk staff where the noise is coming from, and staff will be dispatched to address the complaint.


Guests are permitted to have visitors during their stay in the Residence*, however the total number of guests and visitors per room may not exceed the total occupancy of the room (i.e. Single Dorms have a max occupancy of 1, therefore a guests staying in a Single Dorm cannot receive visitors in room).  All visitors must show photo ID and be signed in at the front desk. You must meet your guest(s) at the front desk in order for them to enter. You are responsible for your visitor. Should your visitor violate any of the Humber Residence House Rules or Humber College Policies, you and your visitor may be asked to leave the property immediately.  Guest policy is subject to group contract agreement as applicable, and provincial guidelines and restrictions.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all areas in Residence.  Any type of illegal internet usage as defined by the laws of Canada is prohibited.


Before check – out, please ensure ALL personal belongings are removed and the room is left in the same condition that it was upon arrival. Housekeeping staff will inspect/clean the room after you check out to ensure all personal belongings have been removed, and the room is in good condition (no damages/no excessive mess or missing bedroom furniture). Should the room not meet the above standards, you will be informed and charges may apply.

The following behaviors are cause for removal from Humber Residences:

  • Behaving in a verbally or physically abusive manner to any guests, staff or visitors
  • Discriminatory behavior towards any guests, staff or visitors
  • Violation of any of the above Humber Residence House Rules and/or Humber College Policies in an extreme and/or persistent manner
  • Vandalism to any Humber College property
  • Possession and/or use of weapons
  • Possession and/or use of illegal substances
  • Criminal activities as defined by the Laws of Canada

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage may be available to guests staying in Residence upon request.  If you do require luggage storage please inform the Front Desk prior to your stay to arrange and ensure availability.  For groups, please inform your Conference Services contact to arrange and ensure availability.  Groups must delegate a member from your group to facilitate the logistics of luggage pick-up.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in Humber Residence.  This includes all types of pets. 

Service Animal Policy

If you require a service animal as described in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), we will require documentation from a regulated health care professional, as listed in s.80.45 (4b) of AODA, confirming the person requires the animal for reasons relating to the disability.

Service animals may not be left unattended in the room. The handler will be responsible for damages caused by their service animal.