Commercial Film Guidelines

Request for a Proposal

  1. All commercial film requests must be vetted through Humber’s Central Events Office.  Requests will only be considered for approval if they do not disrupt or interfere with regular College operations including academic activities and events, and must adhere to the terms of Humber’s Facility Use Agreement as well as the Toronto Film & Television Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew.  Non-compliance will be reported to the Toronto Film & Television Office.
  2. Alterations of buildings are prohibited.  Any set decoration requests or modifications must be clearly indicated in the Commercial Film RFQ and approved prior to commencement of work.  All impacted areas must be returned to their normal condition and satisfaction of the College or chargebacks will apply.
  3. A program script must be attached with the Commercial Film RFQ form so we can rule out conflict of interest and/or reputational damage to the College. 
  4. Weapons, ammunition or fireworks, authentic or replica, are prohibited on Humber property.
  5. Notwithstanding the terms and conditions of these guidelines and Humber's Temporary Use of Space Policy, Humber's Central Events Office has the right to refuse any request for filming on Humber property.



All arrangements, payment of fees, proof of insurance and applicable waivers must be completed at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of filming.

Scouting Fee

A one-time scouting fee of $150, per production, may be charged when a film production representative confirms interest in exploring Humber campuses to determine if a location meets their requirements.  This fee covers the cost of staff time to meet with the location scout, survey the campus for suitable locations and coordinate visit times with the appropriate departments and campus stakeholders.  Payment of this fee does not imply that final permissions will be granted for the film shoot to take place on Humber property.

Camera on CN Tower

Location Fees

Film Shoots: Our location fee starts at $3,500/day
Includes feature films, television shows, general entertainment programs, short films, documentary films and student requests that are not related to current Humber coursework.


TV Commercial Shoots:  Our location fee starts at $3,000/day
Includes commercials, internet-based content, training videos and public service announcements

Photography: Our location fee starts at $1,500/day
Includes commercial advertising and merchandising of products, goods and services, content for brochures, sales tools, calendars and catalogs, and professional purposes including headshots.

Facility Rental fees will be charged in addition to the above location fees.  Prep and Strike days will be billed at 50% of the established Location Fee, plus any Facility Rental Fees and associated charges.

In the event of cancellation after execution of the Facility Use Agreement, the Location Fee will be payable in full, as well as any services for fees incurred by the College.  Rescheduling of dates will be considered a new request.

Additional Charges and Requirements


Humber College must retain anonymity from productions.  Filming of Humber Logos, Students, Staff and Security is prohibited.  Humber shall also be excluded from promotions or credits, unless otherwise authorized. 



Humber Security must be hired during all film productions.  Depending on the size of your crew and scope of the film project, Humber’s Public Safety team will advise on the number of guards you will be required to hire for the duration of the shoot.  Guards are contracted at $39/hour* for a minimum of 4 hours.  *Rate subject to change without notice.


Facilities and Site Management

Additional fees will be charged for all Humber Services required.  This includes Humber or Contracted staff for:

  1. Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for specific set-ups or during shoots
  2. Cleaners and Housekeepers
  3. Use of specific mechanical areas (control room, mechanical room etc.)
  4. Site Contact (Central Events Office representative)

Productions which need auxiliary sources of power must use silenced generators and suspend or safely cover all cables at their own expense.



Catering must be arranged through Humber’s food service provider.  Requests for external catering allowances (i.e. Craft truck) must be requested no less than 10 business days before the shoot date.  You will be required to sign a waiver, provide a copy of the external caterer’s GREEN DineSafe Inspection pass issued by the Toronto Public Health Department, and pay a catering buyout fee which starts at $500 per day.


All Commercial Film and Photo Shoots must provide proof of Liability Insurance Coverage at a minimum of $5 Million Dollars per occurance, listing Humber College as additional insured.  The Insurance must cover the duration of the production including initial Prep to Strike dates as listed on the Facility Use Agreement.



A list of vehicles required to be parked on Humber property must be provided at least 10 business days in advance for approval.  Humber’s Parking & Transportation department will identify which parking lots/spots will be available to you and will determine the associated costs.  Depending on the campus activity, we may not be able to guarantee on-site parking.  In such cases you will be required to obtain permits for off-site parking.