New and Improved Features in Blackboard Ultra – Sept 2023 Update

Here are the highlights of this month’s new and improved features in Blackboard Ultra. For more details, please follow the links below:

Auto-captioning for video and audio feedback

The following feature has been added to improve accessibility and promote inclusivity. It also supports diverse language preferences, aligning with the user’s chosen language.

  • Automatic captioning is available for audio and video content used in assessment feedback and announcements.
  • Auto-captioning also supports diverse language preferences.

Batch Edit support for recursive actions (items inside Folders and Learning Modules)

Batch edit actions now apply to all items inside of Folders and Learning Modules instead of selecting each item.

  1. At the right of the Course Content area, select the three dots > Batch Edit.
  2. You can expand and collapse Folders and Learning Modules to deselect or select items.
  3. The following tasks can be performed faster: Shift Dates, Adjust Visibility, and Remove date/time release conditions.

Usability improvements have been made to the following features: Truncated Long Titles (preventing overlap with dates and times), Fixed Table Header (now follows when the page is scrolled), and Replaced Dropdown (of batch edit actions with buttons).

Copying Announcements

Instructors can now copy specific announcements or all announcements from another course. Copied announcements are set as drafts. Reusing content eliminates the need to create everything from scratch, saving time and effort in the content development process.

Flexible Grading support for tablets and other improvements

Flexible Grading (to grade by question or student etc.) is now available for tablet devices.

Improvements have been made to clearly indicate which student is selected. This is achieved by showing a purple outline around the selected student, and a gray outline when hovering over a student.

AI Design Assistant in Blackboard Ultra — Tool in Testing Stage in Innovative Learning Department

This Fall, Innovative Learning will be testing a new feature within Blackboard Ultra called AI Design Assistant. Blackboard has included this feature to support instructors who wish to employ generative artificial intelligence (GAI) into their course creation process with the promise that this will build engaging course content. The AI Design Assistant can also help with content-based test generation, rubric creation, and royalty-free image sourcing. We in IL will test their claim, identify opportunities to ensure that the release of this tool is supported in the Humber community. We will communicate with you around the time of Reading Week to provide with further updates.

The full list of September updates is available on the Blackboard Help Center website.

Need additional support? The IL Support Centre is here to help!