Every November is Indigenous Education Month. There are various on-campus and off-campus events and workshops throughout the month. The major event that takes place every November at Humber is the Indigenous Knowledges Gathering. 

What is the Indigenous Knowledges Gathering?

Beginning in 2014 as a vision to bring Indigenous students, educators, and communities together, the Indigenous Knowledges Gathering (IKG) embraced Indigenous knowledge transfer, celebrating and sharing innovative practices in the field of Indigenous education. From panel discussions to hands-on workshops and keynote presentations, IKG brings together a diverse range of Knowledge Holders, Elders, scholars, students and communities to share the successes, challenges, strategies and possible future directions of Indigenous education. Growing from 120 participants in 2014, to 1600+ participants in recent years due to the introduction of livestream viewing, IKG is well known for its innovative content, networking opportunities, and community-friendly atmosphere.  

IKG provides an amazing opportunity to: 

  • learn about Indigenous ways of being, knowing, relating and doing; 
  • consider wise practices and develop strategies for building more responsive educational policies, systems, and practices; 
  • examine emerging challenges impacting Indigenous students; 
  • engage in hands-on cultural teachings and workshops; and,  
  • shape the future of post-secondary education.

Overview: Previous Indigenous Knowledges Gatherings

2023 Theme: What Our Ancestors Know: Teaching and Learning Through Storytelling

The 2023 IKG brought together a diverse array of storytellers with the theme: What Our Ancestors Know: Teaching and Learning through Storytelling. #IKG2023 was a dynamic event in which participants had various opportunities to hear from diverse leaders as they share the importance of truth and autonomy in storytelling and education. Attendees were able to hear the unique perspectives and traditional knowledges that exist across Indigenous nations at last year's gathering. This event offered for members of the Humber community and beyond.  

Through various panels, keynotes and workshops, attendees were be able to learn from Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and gain insight from valued members of the Humber community. By including the diverse voices of those who have practiced relationship building founded on respect and reciprocity with Indigenous peoples, those who attended were able to look through the lens the College has been utilizing when working alongside Indigenous Communities. 

2022 Theme: Overcoming Adversities Through Indigenous Wellness

Focused on how Humber’s Indigenous community could lean on their culture and traditional knowledge to overcome adversity. There was a great emphasis on the health and wellness of students, and the event hosted speakers who could serve as positive examples for Indigenous Humber students, and the wider community.  

2021 Theme: Naawsidoong Mino Nawendiwin: Building Good Relationships

The theme centred on relationship building as a core foundation of transformative change. It considers not only the purpose and practice of education, but also how educators can effectively communicate, equitably share our gifts, knowledges and skills, and work collaboratively to build more responsive education. 

2020 Theme: One Dish, One Spoon: Conversations in Global Sustainability

In considering the diversity of practices and traditions that exist within Indigenous nations, Indigenous education offers the possibility, hope, and opportunity not only for the enhancement of educational outcomes but, conceived broadly, for the health and wellness of broader communities. It contributes to the scope of human understanding, offering values, philosophies, conceptual frameworks, and important perspectives on how to move forward in sustainable ways.

2019 Theme: Educating the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit
This year’s theme, Educating the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit, envisions an education system deeply connected to place, community, and the planet.
2019 IKG Livestreamed Talks and Panels
Listen to Waneek Horn-Miller speak about Restoring Balance
Listen to Youth speak about how they are Reclaiming Wellness
Listen to Elders speak about how they Build Bundles for the Future
Listen to Ron Bull share his teachings about the Canoe and the Turtle