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Gas Technician 2

Certificate of Accomplishment

Program Code: GTD1

Note: CE/CPL HRAC G3 and HRAC G2 programs are being discontinued at present and may be offered in the future. Fulltime HVAC programs are unaffected.

The HRAC G2 certificate is currently being discontinued and the courses being offered are only for learners who are registered with Humber in the part-time program and in the process of completing the requirements for their HRAC G2 license.

Fulltime HVAC programs are unaffected and If you are interested in these programs you can refer to the following links regarding the full-time programs offered at Humber for this area.




Program Overview

The Gas Technician 2 (G.2) certification program provides training for individuals who want to qualify as a Gas Technician 2. The program, consisting of 480 hours, has been divided into eight courses in order to modularize delivery. Each course consists of the required theoretical or practical components as outlined by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Upon completion of the program and when the TSSA requirements are met, students are eligible to write the TSSA Certificate of Qualification Exam for Gas Technician 2. The TSSA requires that students achieve 75 percent as the final grade in each of the G2 courses, as well as maintain at least 80 percent attendance.

With your G2 license you can work as a gas technician without supervision on equipment up to 400,000 BTUH (British Thermal Units per Hour.)

Learner Focus 

  • this program is great if you just want to upgrade your skills in this area OR
  • start and build your skills for an entry level position in this area

Delivery Mode

All Faculty of Applied Sciences Technology Continuous Professional Learning courses in this program are being offered in an online virtual classroom unless otherwise specified (for example lab required components). 

Admission Requirements

Completion of the TSSA G.3 Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) exam.

Additional Information

Students without the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) will not be permitted entry into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R) labs. Students are required to have personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of:

  • safety glasses marked Z87.1 and/or Z94.3
  • safety shoes or boots marked with green Canadian Standards Association (CSA) triangle and orange CSA Omega tag
  • protective gloves when requested by instructors

Those who successfully complete the program are eligible to receive a certificate of accomplishment from Humber College. If you are not able to complete the entire program, you may be eligible to receive a micro-credential based on successful completion of certain courses.  If you are looking for more information, please see our contact information below.   One of our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.



  • HRAC 210: G2 Advanced Piping/Tubing Systems, Meters and Regulators
  • HRAC 310: G2 Forced Warm Air Heating Systems
  • HRAC 312: G2 Air Handling Equipment, Domestic and Decorative Appliances

How to Register

You are required to register for each individual course included in a CE program. You can register for a course by selecting it and following the instructions in the “How to Register” box.


Each CE program is comprised of a series of courses which may all have different fees. You are required to register for each course individually and pay the associated fees. Once you select the course, the fee is displayed in the “How to Register” box.

Contact Information

Humber Continuous Professional Learning Applied Sciences & Technology
416.675.6622 ext. 4554

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