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Build better, stronger and skill-ready teams to ensure your organization is prepared for the challenges of today and future-proofed for tomorrow. Our workplace essentials suite of micro credentials covers core and cross-functional skills that are relevant to all industries and business units which are vital to achieving your company objectives.

Maximum Results in Just 4 Weeks

Our four-week virtual live and self-paced training modules are taught by experts and designed to yield workplace ready skills. They are interactive, offer flexibility and are supported by assessments and credentialing to validate competencies.

The Workplace Essentials Suite

Designed for:

  • Emerging Managers
  • New Managers
  • Coordinators
  • Specialists
  • Team Leads
  • Supervisors
  • Assistants
  • Administrators

(HPRO 101)

Module 1: 
Powerful Presentations

Module 2:
Effective Emails and 
Chat Messages

Module 3:
Productive Meetings

Module 4:
Inclusive Communication

Competency Achieved: 
The learner can communicate with intention and effectiveness when using common workplace mediums

(HPRO 103)

Module 1: 
Formal Planning Practices

Module 2:
Defining Scope of Work

Module 3:
Budgeting Time and Cost

Module 4:

Competency Achieved:
The learner can create a project plan by summarizing the relationships between scope and cost and by illustrating schedule expectations using a Gantt Chart and milestones.

(HPRO 102)

Module 1: 
Self Awareness

Module 2:
Managing Conflict

Module 3:
Difficult Conversations

Module 4:
Giving and Recieving Feedback

Competency Achieved:
The learner can interact with others despite challenging contexts to accomplish shared goals.

Case Basics
(HPRO 104)

Module 1: 
Purpose, Structure & Problem Definition

Module 2:
Identifying Options

Module 3:
Comparing Options

Module 4:
Writing a Recommendation

Competency Achieved:
The learner can create a business case that displays clear purpose, structure, evaluation of options and an informed recommendation.


To register multiple learners email or call 647-524-3237.

Humber Pro Benefits

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Flexible Learning

Each Micro-credential is designed to contain four modules which include both synchronous and asynchronous components. Materials are available to the learner throughout the month and the experiential learning methodologies used, provide opportunities to practice, refine, and perfect the skills taught.
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Expert Facilitator

Our certified Humber facilitators have successfully completed rigorous evaluation and assessment processes. They are qualified and credentialed in their respective fields and bring a deep understanding of various industries to the training.
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Active Discussion Forum

An engaged learning community is fostered through a moderated discussion board. Peer-to-Peer and Learner-to-Facilitator interactions help develop meaningful connections in each cohort and enhance the learner’s overall experience. Class sizes are small providing personalized engagement and strong networking opportunities.
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Assessment to Validate Competency

The summative assessment, assigned at the end of the four weeks, is designed to take a maximum of 2 hours to complete. Using a case-based approach, learners must demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge, skills and aptitudes in scenarios that resemble real-world examples from the workplace. This skill validation process provides learners with the confidence and know-how to apply these skills in their own workplace.

Get an ROI on your L&D Spend!

After four weeks of immersive learning, competency is validated through mastery of a workplace-relevant assessment. Successful participants will receive a micro-credential.

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  • Identify the topics that will best enhance performance
  • Determine a schedule that meets your timelines

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