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Real Estate Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Certificate of Accomplishment

Program Code: REML 1000

The Real Estate Leadership and Entrepreneurship Certificate program provides you with the opportunity for a broad-based education in real estate entrepreneurship, sales mastery and business leadership. Courses focus on management, operations, human resources, strategic planning, marketing, sales, communications, leadership, ethics, and the entrepreneurial challenges of starting and scaling a business. This online program helps you get down to business with a practical, skills-based approach involving individual and/or team projects and/or presentations, live facilitator-led sessions, and dynamic discussions to explore the range of perspectives within the world of real estate. Program facilitators are industry professionals who provide a realistic and practical understanding of the complexities of real estate.

Your Career

The Real Estate Leadership and Entrepreneurship Certificate program is designed for individuals with a passion for real estate preparing you for a range of careers in the real estate industry. Whether or not you have business experience or a background in real estate, this certificate will provide you with the knowledge, skills and edge to pursue various potential real estate career paths. If you are looking to enhance your real estate knowledge, implement newly acquired knowledge and practices into your existing real estate business, build on your strengths, or boost your leadership and sales skills into high gear to accelerate your career, then this certificate program is for you.


This certificate is offered completely online. Online learning caters to busy schedules by taking the learning experience out of the traditional classroom. It is learning that relies on the internet for access to learning materials as well as interaction with peers and facilitators. 

In this online program, you will work within scheduled start-and-end-dates, and assignment timelines in each course. The program's course design allows you to choose when you work on activities and assignments. Readings, assignments and discussion contributions will be required every week in addition to attending facilitator-led online sessions every two weeks beginning the second week of the course. Graded assignments and contribution marks will be given for a final grade. You should plan to access the course LMS (Blackboard) three to four times per week to keep pace with the class and plan on studying and working approximately three to four hours per week. 


The Real Estate Leadership and Entrepreneur Certificate Program further enhances the knowledge and skills of real estate professionals. It is not part of the Real Estate Salesperson or Broker Education programs delivered by Humber College on behalf of the Real Estate Council of Ontario, required to trade in Ontario as a registered salesperson. 


Compulsory Courses

  • REML 110: Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  • REML 120: Real Estate Sales Mastery
  • REML 130: Real Estate Leadership
  • REML 140: Real Estate Capstone

How to Register

You are required to register for each individual course included in a CE program. You can register for a course by selecting it and following the instructions in the “How to Register” box.


Each CE program is comprised of a series of courses which may all have different fees. You are required to register for each course individually and pay the associated fees. Once you select the course, the fee is displayed in the “How to Register” box.

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