Your Res Card acts as your on-campus dining plan card - a quick swipe and you're on your way! Easy access to food, no prep-work or cooking required on your part!

Choose a healthy lifestyle

Labels and signs with
the Balanced Choices symbols
clearly identify items that
contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Humber has numerous food service outlets to offer balanced meals every day.
We offer:

  • Freshly prepared salads, homemade pastas, wraps, subs, grilled burgers, freshly baked treats, pizza and more!
  • Vegetarian options
  • Gluten free dishes

For current Dining Plans and Locations 

During off-peak periods, such as summer and reading week, service locations and hours may be reduced.

Introducing the Humber and University of Guelph-Humber Virtual ONECard 

ONECard will be available to students and staff at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber on Monday, August 30. ONECard is a smartphone application that will be used by students, faculty and staff as their digital identification, digital key and digital wallet solution for campus-wide services. It’s free, easy to use and secure. Visit the ONECard website to learn more about it.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose a dining plan that is right for me?

The Dining Plan size you choose will depend on a number of factors. The Dining Plans available for residences are the Regular Dining Plan ($2350); the Medium Dining Plan ($2850) and the Large Dining Plan ($3400). The selection and purchase of a Dining Plan does not guarantee your plan will last the academic year. Please see choosing a dining plan for some general guidelines to help you decide on a plan thats right for you.

Where can I use my dining card?

North Campus: The Res Dining Hall, the Food Emporium, Smokes Poutinerie- Cafe LinX (food only), GH Café- located in Guelph-Humber, The Spot-located in the BCTI building Java Jazz, Pizza Pizza, Booster Juice, Subway, Starbucks, the Humber Room (food only), Gourmet Express, Tim Hortons and  Ackee Tree Caribbean Restaurant. Your card can also be used at selected vending machines on campus.

Lakeshore Campus: The Lake Café, Tim Hortons, Starbucks in the Welcome Center, Media Buzz, Arena Café, Lakeshore Commons featuring Pizza Pizza, Extreme Pita, BRB Grill, Bento Sushi, Booster Juice and the On The Go Café. Your card can also be used at selected vending machines on campus.

Do I pay tax on my purchases?

Students living in Residence are given a tax-exempt status on their Dining Plan. Under Government Tax Regulations, all purchases of food on campus, using a Dining Plan card will be considered a tax-exempt purchase. Purchases of non-food items, certain snack foods or carbonated beverages will be subjected to all applicable taxes. These taxable purchases will be deducted from the Confectionery Account on your dining plan card.

How do I cancel or request a refund of my Dining Plan balance?

Requests for cancellations, refunds or carry - forward balances are initiated when residents complete an online Residence Withdrawal Form (prior to March 30th) on the Residence portal.

In order to maintain the tax-exempt status on all Main Meal Accounts, early withdrawals will be prorated such that $70.00 weekly from the Resident’s Main Meal Account is non-refundable, or the amount from the Main Meal Account that has been spent by the Resident, whichever is greater. At the end of the agreement, the first $2150 from all Main Meal Accounts is non-refundable. Applicable to all refunds, a Resident must have a total Dining Plan balance of $75.00 or more to be eligible for a refund, less a $50.00 administration fee and any fees owing to Humber. Residents who qualify for a Dining Plan refund will receive a credit on their MyHumber account within 8 weeks after the withdrawal form and move out are complete. Dining Plan refunds are issued in the same format as the original payment.

*If a student is staying in residence for the summer and is eligible for a Dining Plan refund, but wishes to continue using the refundable balance as an eligible Dining Plan, they must notify the residence by April 7 in order for their account to remain active after the first week in May. When the student moves out of residence during the summer, the refund process will apply.

Who manages my account and how do I budget throughout the year?

As a Dining Plan cardholder, you are responsible to budget for your daily food purchases and manage your account. Budget sheets are available on-line and will be posted in the Res Dining Hall and the Lake Café.

We are pleased to introduce: "On-Line Dining Plan Account Management".

  • Convenience of managing your account on-line.
  • View your account balance summary.
  • View all transactions on your dining plan account.
  • View the dining plan budget sheet to assist in keeping your spending on track.
  • Electronic view of your account supports environmental initiatives.
  • Suspend your dining plan card if lost or stolen
  • Learn how to add money to your dining plan account.