Student and Community Engagement (SCE) is a division within Humber College that provides services and enriches the learning experiences of our students, clients, staff, faculty and community.

Beyond providing support, we also collaborate across departments to collect data about the progress of our programs and services, helping with strategic decision-making based on solid information.


SCE is comprised of six departments:

Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC)

Community Outreach & Workforce Development (COWD)

Humber Libraries

Registrar's Office (RO)

Student Success & Engagement (SSE)


Student and Community Engagement provides programs and services to support access and academic and personal success for a diverse community of learners.


Student and Community Engagement has six priorities: Enrolment Management, Indigenous Education, Divisional Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, Interdepartmental Effectiveness, and Assessment.

We lead initiatives across the college to track progress and boost effectiveness in each of these areas. Here’s how we take action on each of these priorities:

Enrolment Management

Support institutional enrolment goals through enhanced recruitment and retention efforts. Simplify referrals, recognize changing demographics, support priority cohort groups (for example, non-traditional learners, continuing education students) and develop a framework supporting alternate delivery of academic programming.

Divisional Effectiveness

1) Enhance divisional capacity by leveraging technology and training to better support and advance our internal and external partnerships, and 2) recruitment, support, and retention of diverse employees who reflect our learner population.

Employee Engagement

Enhance employee engagement through divisional orientations and formal and informal recognition.

Interdepartmental Effectiveness

Create clear lines of communication across SIP departments by clarifying referral pathways, increasing awareness of divisional resources and services, and seeking opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration to facilitate consistency and quality across a wide range of learners’ experiences.

Indigenous Education

Promote institutional awareness of Indigenous issues to students, faculty, and staff through education and training.

The term Indigenous includes people of Aboriginal ancestry, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit.


Demonstrate our expertise through evaluation and assessment, including the impact we have on learner success and student retention.


Our values drive everything we do at SCE. Here we include not only our vows but the thought process that keeps those values at the heart of our everyday actions:


All decisions will be rooted in the needs of the learner; we contribute to the development of effective learners and leaders.


We "walk the talk" to deliver what we say we will; all of what we do enhances our reputation and credibility both internally and externally.


We acknowledge our social responsibility to serve diverse global citizens by removing systemic barriers and ensuring equitable access to programs, services and supports.


We value partnerships and working together.


We challenge ourselves and others to think differently; we assess needs and meet them by finding dynamic new approaches and implementing effective solution.

Organization Chart

If you would like to learn more about our organizational structure, please take a look at the PDF provided here.

SCE organization chart