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Money - let's talk about it. Your education is an investment in yourself and your future, and there are some real costs that go along with that investment. Let us help you take care of the money part so you can focus on crushing it in class. This is your Student Fees & Financial Resources Hub - have a look around.

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International Student Services

International student services offers resources to help you set up a bank account, do your taxes and understand your options for financial support.

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Parents & Guardians

We know parents and guardians can be a major source of support to our students, both financial and otherwise.

Understanding Tuition and Expenses

Understand the costs associated with coming to Humber, and let us help you plan your finances, from first year to your final year.

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Everything you need to know about paying your tuition deposit, tuition balance and other fees.

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Find all of the payment and funding options available to you.

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When it's time to file taxes, here's what you'll need to know.

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Get a detailed understanding of program refunds.

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Learn more about third-party sponsorships.


Nobody understands the problems students face better than students. IGNITE is student-led, so we get you. Here are just some of the resources available to you.

Health, Dental and Wellness

Your health and well-being are important to us. IGNITE is here to support you and make your student experience the best it can be, even when things feel a little overwhelming.

Financial Security

Living the student life can be hard on your wallet. Throw in costs for your school supplies, groceries, and rent, and we know it can be tough to make ends meet. IGNITE wants to help take some pressure off with our financial services and student bursaries, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Tax Clinic

Get your taxes done – stress-free, wherever you are! Virtually meet one-on-one with IGNITE and CRA–trained accounting students to take care of your taxes. 

Ask Humber Virtual Session Circle

Join us for Ask Humber

Whether it’s where to buy books, how to pay for school or how to start your first day of class, we’ll make sure you get all your Humber questions answered with Ask Humber's live Q&A chats, presentations and more!