Confidentiality is important to those who have disclosed sexual violence. You have the right to ask the person what level of confidentiality you can expect from them, before you share information.

The College is committed to respecting the confidentiality of survivors of sexual violence; however, there are limits of confidentiality. In some cases, the College may be required to act on the information you’ve shared without your consent. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when:

  • There is imminent risk of self-harm to a person
  • There is imminent risk that an individual may harm a person
  • There is reasonable grounds to believe someone within the College or community could be harmed
  • A judge subpoenas your records (e.g. counselling notes)

If one of the above circumstances applied, you would be informed of next steps and supported.

The College is required to report non-identifying statistics each year (e.g. number of reports of sexual violence, supports or services accessed) to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Various offices at the College maintain and report this information, but names of community members are not shared.