Sexual Assault & Sexual Violence Support

We take a survivor-led approach, while balancing the needs of the survivor with the need to protect the community. If you or anyone you know needs support in either an emergency and non-emergency situation, there are resources available to you.

16 Days of Activism

Get Support

We’re here for you. Consider medical attention or talking to someone, or file a report to start an investigation.


Find more information about on- and off-campus support, specialized resources for LGBTQ+ people, policies and documentation, and additional care.

Consent Education

Learn more about what consent is, how to ask for consent, consent myths, and the Consent Peer Education Program (CPEP).

Get Involved

Take a stand against sexual violence. Learn about events and workshops about consent and sexual violence prevention.

This website contains information about gender-based violence and sexual violence that may impact members of the Humber and Guelph-Humber community. Counselling and the Employee Assistance Program are resources available to students and employees.