Help create a caring, supportive community – make your personal pledge to help end sexual violence on campus.

Why should I pledge?

We’re all responsible for helping to end sexual violence, in many different ways:

  • Changing our attitudes from “don’t get raped” to “don’t rape”
  • Stepping in when we see someone in trouble
  • Stopping behaviours that blame and shame victims
  • Holding those who commit sexual violence accountable

You may not think sexual violence affects you, but that’s not true – it affects all of us. The attitudes and behaviours that enable and excuse sexual assault hurt everyone. Whether we’re a friend, a survivor or a bystander, we all have a role to play.

That’s why making a personal pledge is important.

You’re making a commitment to doing what you can.

Together, we can change the way we think, talk about and react to sexual violence – and create a safer community for everyone.

Take the Pledge