Can You Kiss Me More? (Thursday, September 9th 11am to 12pm)
Why is asking for consent so daunting for folks? Can consent be sexy? How can we get comfortable asking for consent? These are some of the common questions that our Consent Peer Education Program will be answering! Join using this Microsoft Teams link.

Know Yourself, Know Your Partner (Wednesday, September 15th 2pm to 4pm)
Join the Consent Peer Education Program to discuss what healthy relationships look like and how we can build them, while building bracelets signifying your wants and needs from a relationship. Join using this Microsoft Teams link.

Salt & Sugar Podcast: What Does “No” Mean? (Wednesday, September 22nd 12pm to 1pm)
Join Alex and Aaron from the Consent Peer Education Program for a conversation about how we can put an end to sexual violence and rape culture! Tune in on Instagram Live (@cpepteam)!

Navigating Online Dating & Intimacy (Thursday, September 23rd 2:30pm to 3:30pm)
Join Dr. Christopher Dietzel in a conversation about online dating and intimacy! Christopher will share from his research on sexual violence and 2SLTBGQ+ dating apps, and discuss strategies for meeting our intimacy needs through a variety of virtual means—particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic! Register through EventBrite.

Unpacking the Intersections: Colonization & Gender-Based Violence (Tuesday, October 5th 1pm to 2:15pm)
Join Daniella Robinson for a conversation about sexual violence, violence overall, and strategies for prevention and intervention. Daniella will focus on the importance of empowerment, nonjudgmental approaches, self-reflection, and practical ways to support people on a more hopeful, healthful path forward. She will overview her work as the supervisor of an Anti-Human Trafficking team supporting Indigenous survivors, the intersections of colonialism and gender-based violence, and her own research as a student in a doctoral level Human Sexuality program. Register through EventBrite.

Tie Dye It! (Wednesday, October 6th 12pm to 2pm)
Join the Consent Peer Education Program in the LRC Courtyard as we tie-dye shirts while getting a better understanding around social identities and how they intersect with experiences of sexual violence (and more broadly)!

Bringing in the Bystander - Open Registration Session (Wednesday, October 13th 1pm to 3pm)
Learn about sexual violence, rape culture, sexual consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors of sexual violence through this two-hour CCR-certified workshop! Register through EventBrite by Wednesday, October 6th.


#WeDontStandBy (Video)

This video represents the key message in our campaign, showing that as a community, #WeDontStandBy but rather stand up to sexual violence. It will be aired on social media and run on circulation throughout the screens on all campuses.



The program teaches bystanders how to safely intervene in instances where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk. Through in-depth discussion of issues and role-playing of common violence scenarios, participants come to understand how they play a part in proactively preventing sexual and relationship violence, how they can help survivors get the help and support they need, and how they can contribute to the creation of a campus climate that reflects a commitment to safety for all.

CAN I KISS YOU? (Presentation)

Each year at Humber, first year students attend ‘Can I Kiss You? During this presentation students are shown why "Asking First" and getting consent makes all the difference! Attendees are given skills to instantly use in their own relationships. Plus, students discover how to "Be a Friend" by appropriately intervening in potentially dangerous situations with their peers (especially when alcohol is involved). Each student also learns how to properly provide support for survivors by "Opening the Door" for those they care about.