More Consent Peer Education Program events upcoming in Fall 2022. Check back in September for more information!


#WeDontStandBy (Video)

This video represents the key message in our campaign, showing that as a community, #WeDontStandBy but rather stand up to sexual violence. It will be aired on social media and run on circulation throughout the screens on all campuses.



The program teaches bystanders how to safely intervene in instances where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk. Through in-depth discussion of issues and role-playing of common violence scenarios, participants come to understand how they play a part in proactively preventing sexual and relationship violence, how they can help survivors get the help and support they need, and how they can contribute to the creation of a campus climate that reflects a commitment to safety for all.

CAN I KISS YOU? (Presentation)

Each year at Humber, first-year students attend ‘Can I Kiss You? During this presentation students are shown why "Asking First" and getting consent makes all the difference! Attendees are given skills to instantly use in their own relationships. Plus, students discover how to "Be a Friend" by appropriately intervening in potentially dangerous situations with their peers (especially when alcohol is involved). Each student also learns how to properly provide support for survivors by "Opening the Door" for those they care about.