Delay Notification

Testing Services is experiencing longer than normal wait times, we apologize and appreciate your consideration and patience during peak service demands, which will occur from December 9th – 18th. We recognize the impact this has on our learners but emphasize the importance of learners arriving 1-2 hours early prior to their testing time, where reasonably possible.

Striving to promote an environment that is wellness-enhancing, inclusive, and welcoming for students. SWAC facilitates individual student support in addition to wellness and equity-based programming.

Health Services

We provide confidential, non-judgemental services in all areas of personal health and wellness.

Counselling Services

We assist students by working through and resolving difficulties with their well-being and success.

Accessible Learning Services

Facilitating equitable access by co-ordinating academic accommodations and support services.

Fitness Centres

Enhancing the quality of life for all students, employees & the community through physical fitness.