Everyone, at some point in their life, encounters difficulties. This can create distress and interfere with one's well being and success.

Not sure where to turn for help?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties at school, home, in your relationships or personal life?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or stressed out?

Counselling can assist students as follows:

  • Provide support with emotional challenges
  • Help work through problems or situations 
  • Work with you to identify and reach your desired goals
  • Assist students to function effectively as learners

Counselling Appointments

Our counsellors are connecting with students via phone, in-person or remotely.  If your chosen option is remote, please review these two resources before your remote session: 

​All appointments are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and are available for all currently enrolled students of Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber.

Groups offered by counselling services: 

****Full details about new offerings will be announced towards the end of Summer for the Fall term****

Healthy Minds for Stressful Times starting October 2022 

Other Services Available to Students

LGBTQ+ Resource Centre - Connect with other students and have some fun playing board games, discussing hot topics, letting your inner actor out, or reading about all the queer things.

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Social Group - Students who identify with ASD learn more about communication and interaction in a safe and comfortable environment. Updates for re-starting the ASD group will be shared on this page and on social media in the coming weeks.