What is meditation/prayer room?

The meditation & prayer room are quiet and scared spaces designated for individual/group prayer, spiritual celebration, reflection, and meditation.

The room is available for all student to use and is not limited or exclusive to any religious or spiritual groups.

Booking meditation/prayer room

Students can pre-book meditation/ prayer rooms. To pre-book a room, please send us an email at SWC@Humber.ca or call us on (416)675-8500 x75449.

Walk-ins are welcome and are subject to availability.

Guidelines for prayer room use

  1. All users of the centre (individuals or groups) must adhere to college policies, procedures, applicable laws, and regulations
  2. The prayer room is a sacred space for prayer and worship, is not an area for focused recruitment of members
  3. The prayer room is a safe and scared space for individuals, groups, clubs etc. Individuals are encouraged to hold onto their beliefs and be respectful to others who do not share similar beliefs or have differing opinions
  4. The prayer room is not a lounge or open space for unrestricted use
  5. Food and drinks are not permitted inside the prayer room