What is the Spirituality and Wellness Centre (SWC)?

Humber College offers a wide range of student programming on campus that support and offer services to students of all backgrounds and beliefs. Humber provides students a great opportunity to learn more about themselves and other diverse aspects of the community. 

The Spirituality and Wellness Centre at Humber is a safe, respectful, and inclusive space where students can explore different cultures, religions and spiritualities.

It is a place where students can:

  • Further their knowledge on how different beliefs shape people’s lives – Explore Spirituality & Wellness in many forms
  • Become curious about themselves and the community around them – Ask questions and seek answers
  • Be their authentic selves without being limited by ideologies or religious beliefs – It is inclusive for all students; religious or not!
  • Take a mindful moment from their busy schedules and reflect on the needs of their inner being by participating in programs, initiatives, or individual activities including 
    • Open discussions, spiritual literacy, guest speakers, wellness coaches, wellness wheel, spiritual leaders, group reflection on spiritual/ religious topics, co-curricular learning opportunities, painting, origami, reflections, meditations, adult colouring.

The resources available include:

  • A variety of seating options including mats, cushions, bean bags etc.
  • Mats and prayer rugs for kneeling
  • Soft ambient mood lighting for relaxation
  • Relaxation and meditation audio
  • Stress reliving activities

Purpose of SWC

To improve overall student health and well-being by providing opportunities for students to engage in religion, spirituality, and secularism with a hands-on approach and lived experiences.

Consciously explore the dimensions of wellness through spirituality and help students cultivate gratitude, resiliency and connection with the Humber College and surrounding communities.


To inspire students to be authentic, curious and develop values that will enhance their student journey and overall well-being.


Fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive Humber community amongst different faith groups and spiritualities through literacy and connection


Respect: Honour the golden rule – Treat others how you would like to be treated

EDI: Acknowledging everyone’s differences, include and support one another

Integrity: Do what is right guided by morals, values, and beliefs

Authenticity: Feel psychological safe and comfortable being who you are without fear of discrimination

Collaboration: Work together to reach common goals, learn and educate each other


  1. Enhance student spiritual wellness by providing a safe space for students to learn, engage, reflect & collaborate with other students and program partners
  2. Promote student mindfulness and the connection to the mind, body, and spirit
  3. Increase student curiosity and guide students towards making decisions that align with their values, beliefs, and purpose (becoming their authentic selves)
  4. Promote compassion, gratitude, resiliency, and respect amongst all students and Humber community (differences/similarities)