Welcome to the Spirituality and Wellness Centre!

What is Spirituality and Wellness Centre (SWC)?

Humber College offers a wide range of student programming on campus that support and offer services to students of all backgrounds and beliefs. Humber provides students a great opportunity to learn more about themselves and other diverse aspects of the community. The Spirituality and Wellness Centre at Humber is a safe, respectful, and inclusive space where students can explore different cultures, religions, and spiritualities.

Learn more about the SWC framework and the interconnectedness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit!





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It is a place where students can

what students can do at SWC


Resources Available

Resources available at SWC


  • A variety of seating options including mats, cushions and bean bags
  • Mats and prayer rugs for kneeling
  • Soft ambient mood lighting for relaxation
  • Relaxation and meditation audio
  • Stress reliving activities
  • Meditation rooms




Guidelines for using Spirituality & Wellness Centre (SWC)

guidelines for using SWC