Do I have to provide an accommodation letter to the Test Centre every semester?

No. Starting Fall 2015 Accessible Learning Services will be forwarding the accommodation letters to us directly.

Are appointments required?

Students who require a reader/scribe are required to book an appointment.  Reader/scribe appointments must be made at least 4 days in advance of your requested write date. Students who do not require a reader/scribe may write with us on a drop in basis. Your instructor may communicate a specific start time or write date to you. Chances are they have communicated this to us as well, and we will hold you to it.

It is your responsibility to inform your instructor or Faculty Support Officer (if you are a GH student) of any tests you require to write with Testing Services. 

What services do you provide?

We can accommodate all students registered with Accessible Learning Services. If you have been granted a testing accommodation then we are in a position to provide it. Some of the most common accommodations we provide include:

  • Extra time
  • Access to a computer for typing
  • Access to a private room (we have ten at North and five at Lakeshore)
  • Access to assistive software including Read & Write, Dragon, Kurzweil, Zoomtext, etc.
  • Reader/Scribe Services
What is a supervised break?

During a supervised break you can step into the office area to stretch, have a snack or drink, and use the washroom. You cannot leave the testing area or use any electronic devices. Supervised breaks are included in your accommodated time.