Can I test my class in the Test Centre, instead of during class time?

No, we do not do classroom testing. Our space is limited, and we must accommodate a wide range of tests. 

How many students can I have write in the Test Centre?

We will allow no more than seven students (North Campus) or five students (Lakeshore Campus) from the same course to write simultaneously. You may submit more tests than this, but the students will have to stagger their write times accordingly.  Students with test accommodations are not included in this count.

I'm not going to be in today, can I email the test to you?

No. If the test can be completed on a computer then you may submit it here. If it is on Blackboard you may submit it here. Otherwise, it must be dropped off in person.

Can I send the student up with the test?

No. Tests must be delivered to us by Humber faculty and staff.

Do you have any scantron sheets?

No, we do not provide scantron sheets. Please obtain those from your department. 

The student's accommodation letter states they need an electronic copy of the test, how do I submit this?

Electronic copies should be submitted in .docx (Word Document) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) file types. You may upload any materials here.

What is the difference between calculator choices on the referral form?

Testing Services wants to ensure students only have access to resources approved by you.  Different programs have different expectations, which is why we seek clarity on the type of calculator students may have access to while testing.  Faculty can choose from the following options:

  • Basic - four function calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Scientific - Multiple functions beyond above, including trig, exponents and logarithms
  • Graphing - Will graph the function input, ability to solve integral calculus and matrices, may have memory storage

If you want to be very intentional about a specific calculator your students can use, please make note of it under 'other' on the referral form.

I have submitted my test to Testing Services, what is next?

Once you have submitted your test, please notify your students of the following:

  1. You have submitted it to Testing Services
  2. The format of the test submission (paper/hard copy or electronic - requiring the use of a computer)
  3. The date range given for students to complete the test
  4. What permitted materials are required to complete the test
  5.  Any special instructions students should know such as a particular start time or end time and
  6. Confirm to the student that you have indicated any testing accommodations correctly on the submission