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Jen Ball, Professor, General Arts and Science Program

Jen Ball

Professor, General Arts and Science - Sustainability Stream 

In the fall of 2021, Humber launched the General Arts and Science (GAS) Sustainability Stream, a new program option guiding students toward green sector careers. Jen played an instrumental role in the development of this stream and continues to teach courses informed by today's global challenges, such as the climate crisis and social inequity. 

As an educator, Jen believes that individuals at the college level can play a crucial role in the fight against the climate crisis. 

"We at the college level are really in an excellent place to help shape the labour force required to meet the ambitious targets being set by Canada and the entire global community," Jen said. "Not only that, we must graduate critical thinkers who can assess the plans being made and identify weaknesses and opportunities. I have such excellent colleagues at Humber who do this work every day in the classroom. It's so exciting to be part of this team."

To learn more about how Jen addresses sustainability in her work and personal life, read the full feature story.

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