Sustainability Spotlight

This month, we're putting the #SustainabilitySpotlight on...

Alex Hoa and her staff ar Cafe Linx in 2019.

Alex Hoa  

Assistant Manager, Cafe LinX and Retail Services 

“I am a strong believer that what you put into the universe, is what you get back,” Alex says with a smile as she explains why sustainability is important to her.   

After completing the post-graduate, Event Management program at Humber three years ago, Alex assisted with Etobicoke Lakeshore Culture Days, an annual event at the Lakeshore Campus, and later took on the role of Assistant Manager at Cafe LinX and Retail Services. 

Alex shared with us that she is on a continuous journey to make changes in her lifestyle to incorporate sustainability. When asked to share her secret, Alex says “the first step is to find what you’re interested in and how you can incorporate sustainability in a positive and meaningful way. Think deeply about what you’re passionate about and be willing to change or adapt.” 

“It is exciting to know that if I’m able to support something and make small changes in my life, that I’m able to impact something else so much greater,” Alex believes that knowing what she knows now, she cannot ignore the positives of leading a sustainable lifestyle. 

As Alex strives to find new plant-based recipes she shares this one with you, Instant Pot Lentil Taco “Meat.” 

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