Students eagerly browsed through racks of clothes, picking up an embroidered denim jacket here, a polka dot sweater there. Music pulsed in the background as they helped themselves to cookies and filled their reusable mugs with coffee.

Humber’s second-year Fashion Arts and Business students held the college’s first Eco Closet event on November 21 at North Campus. Staff, faculty and students donated their gently used items – dresses, skirts, sweaters, tops and accessories – with the proceeds going to Youth Without Shelter. Everything at the sale cost between $2 and $8.

“Fashion has a big impact on the environment and not a lot of people see that, especially with fast fashion. This event is trying to get people to stray away from that and see that they can get great clothes that are only gently worn,” says Emily Kowalyshen, a fashion arts student who helped organize Eco Closet.

“People can get great styles from thrifting, which is what we’re trying to promote.”

Kowalyshen says the event took approximately two months to plan. Hands-on experiences, such as organizing and executing Eco Closet, are part of why she loves her program.

“I honestly love Humber,” she says. “I love my program. This year especially is getting me excited for the future and moving forward in my career. I love that Humber has an Office of Sustainability. The (college is) always working towards being more sustainable.

“I hope we put on more events like this in the future, because it really is important to get the word out about being more sustainable.”