Curtis Coleman works as a technical advisor in Municipal and Community Affairs with the Northwest Territories government.

When he decided to upgrade his education through Humber, rather than travel 3,500 kilometres, he only needed to go as far as his computer.

Coleman is among the first cohort to complete the Asset Management Professional certificate program, offered exclusively at Humber in partnership with the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC).

The six-course, entirely online program is designed for professionals who manage decisions with respect to design, selection, operation and maintenance of an organization’s assets. Graduates can apply to PEMAC for the Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP) designation.

“We were in the very early stages of developing an asset management strategy and were searching the internet for examples of asset management strategies when the Humber College website appeared,” says Coleman, explaining how he discovered the program. “I wanted to gain more knowledge on developing a strategy to assist communities in implementing an asset management system.”

In his current position Coleman helps run a two-day asset management course. The Humber-PEMAC program, he says, gave him the knowledge needed to update the course in line with current asset management processes.

“This definitely is a course for anyone who is involved in managing assets, be it an asset or maintenance manager,” he says. (The instructors) were always involved in the discussions and sharing of their own experiences. (Thank you) to Humber College for taking on the responsibilities of offering this course.”