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Photo ID cards are issued to full-time students that have paid their tuition deposit and have registered for courses. Find out how to get yours.

Photo ID cards give students access to the gym, library, and other on-campus resources as part of the mandatory non-tuition fees.

Steps To Request Your Photo ID Card:

  1. Ensure your mailing address is up-to-date before uploading your photo. 
  2. On MyHumber, select the Personal Information tab and then click Request Your Photo ID Card/Update Your Photo.
  3. Click the "Update Photo" button. 
  4. Review the Photo Disclaimer page, and select "I Agree" to proceed.
  5. Select the "Click or drop your image here" link to upload your photo.
  6.  Crop and resize the photo so only your face is displayed. A preview will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
  7. Once satisfied, select Save Photo. Eligible students with an approved uploaded photo will be mailed a Photo ID card within 7-10 business days to the mailing address on file.


All incoming first semester full-time students are issued a Photo ID card.  This card gives you access to the gym, library, and other on-campus resources. Photo ID cards may also be required to take final exams, access certain classrooms/labs, and/or by the Department of Public Safety. 

Apprentice, Part-time, and Continuing Education students may upload a photo to MyHumber, which will be associated with your student record. This photo may be used to confirm your identity when you access on-campus services. Apprentice, Part-time, and Continuing Education students are not eligible for a Photo ID Card, however.

A photo can be uploaded at any time. There is no fee for your initial card, however any additional cards will incur a cost of $10 per card, which you can request and pay through MyHumber. Photo ID Cards are mailed to the address on file, so it's important to ensure that your address is correct prior to uploading a photo. Card requests are processed and mailed within 10 business days

You can change your photo as often as you like. There is no fee to update the photo on your account. Any photo that you upload must be a true representation of yourself. By uploading a photo, you will be changing the photo associated with your student record, however this does not automatically generate a new card request. Card requests can only be generated once every 10 business days and replacement cards are subject to a $10 fee.

Press the Request a Replacement Card button on the main Photo ID Request page on MyHumber. A $10 replacement card fee will be charged to your account. Email to follow up with your request.

Humber staff that have access to student records can view your photo. Your photo validates your identity and ensures your student information is kept private and confidential.

Your photo should resemble a recent passport photo (head and shoulders only, looking straight ahead). It should also be a clear, sharp and in-focus image and a full front view of your face.

Eligible students with international mailing addresses listed on MyHumber can pick their photo ID card up at the International Centre within 7-10 business days.

Students that have a confirmed offer for on-campus residence are issued a separate Residence card on move-in day. The same photo uploaded for your standard student Photo ID card will be used by Residence to issue your residence card.More information about residence cards and what to do in the event of a lost or misplaced card can be found in the Residence Handbook on the Residence website.

On MyHumber, select the Personal Information tab and then click Request Your Photo ID Card/Update Your Photo. Your photo will be reviewed within 3 business days. If your photo has been approved, you will see your uploaded image on this page. The status of your printed card will be at the bottom of the page.

The Photo ID request tool works best with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. You may experience problems uploading or viewing your image using older browser versions, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer.Additional issues can be communicated to