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Fall 2020 Updates

A white flower on the forest floor.

Last updated Tuesday September 8, 2020 

Access to the Humber Arboretum 

Fresh air, physical activity, and time spent in nature are excellent ways to boost physical and mental health. Visitors are welcome to experience the gardens and habitats of the Humber Arboretum during daylight hours, but please remember: 

  • The City of Toronto’s physical distancing by-law remains in effect, which requires all park users who are not from the same household to physically distance by a minimum of two metres  
  • The Centre for Urban Ecology remains closed until further notice
  • Trails and natural areas will not be fully maintained until further notice; use of these areas is at your own risk
  • As part of Humber College’s commitment to the Okanagan Charter, smoking is not permitted anywhere on Humber College’s campuses. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in all City of Toronto parks
  • As always, please take care not to litter. Ideally, disposable masks should only be placed in indoor garbage bins or have the ear loops cut before being placed in an outdoor garbage can due to the potential for wildlife to become entangled. Reusable masks made of at least two layers of tightly woven fabric are a more sustainable solution. 

Humber College staff and students must also follow all Return to Campus guidelines. On days when you have more than one required in-person activity on campus, the outdoor spaces of the Arboretum are available as an open-air option to spend that time. 


Events and Activities

School group visits, nature camp, photography permits, and wedding ceremonies all remain on hold until further notice. 

 The Arboretum continues to offer online content as part of our #GrowAnywhere campaign. Explore videos, articles, and printable resources created and curated by our educational staff and partners on our Grow Anywhere - Virtual Learning page.

The Arboretum will be offering virtual activities for Humber College and UofGH students during the Fall semester, including remote Learning by LeadingTM service learning experiences and Co-Curricular Record eligible activities.

Follow the Arboretum on social media to be kept up to date:  


Contacting the Humber Arboretum

As Humber Arboretum office staff continue to work from home, email remains the best way to contact the Arboretum: