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  • Stone seating in a forest

Staff Opportunities at Humber Arboretum

There are many ways for faculty and staff of Humber College or the University of Guelph-Humber to connect with the Humber Arboretum, whether it be for professional uses, personal development, or to enhance your own health and wellness. No matter what your role in the post-secondary community, the Humber Arboretum has options for you. 

Take Part in Tours and Team Building

Dressed in winter clothes, staff stand in the snow with hands outstretched. A woman smiles widely at the chickadee who has perched in her hand.

A winter walk with chickadee feeding is a simple and fun way to connect with your team, and with nature.


Looking for a fun activity to connect with your students or colleagues? Look no further than North Campus! The Humber Arboretum offers customized tours and team-building activities. Take a themed walk with one of our Nature Interpreters, have hands-on fun with nature-inspired challenges, or bond while you help support the local environment through stewardship.

Basic tours of an hour or less are free for groups of up to 30 from Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber, pending staff availability. There are also some standard activities which require no additional prep from our staff and so can also be offered for free to small groups. (Jealous of the kids at summer camp who get to grab nets and learn about what lives in the pond? Just ask!)

A cost-recovery fee is required for longer tours, larger groups that will require multiple staff, or activities that require additional preparation. The cost recovery fee begins at $150 to cover the preparation time, set-up, and take down for specialized/custom topics, plus an additional $50 per hour, per educator for facilitation (an average educator to participator ratio is 1 to 30, however a lower ratio may be required depending on the type of activity). A materials fee may also be required if special supplies are needed.

Visit the Tours and Activities page to learn more and to submit your online inquiry. 

Make Natural Curriculum Connections

Students in chef's jackets and their instructor stand behind a steaming maple syrup evaporator with an educator from the Arboretum

Culinary students observe the process of boiling maple sap down into maple syrup... which they'll soon be using in some of their dishes.

Many programs at Humber College make direct use of the Humber Arboretum as a living laboratory or as a place to practice skills in a real-world environment. Examples include various exciting initiatives from Early Childhood Education, culinary students learning about maple syrup harvesting and what's growing in the Humber Food Learning Garden, a semester-long placement for nursing students exploring the connection between nature and community health, training exercises for fire services, and of course hands-on learning for arborists-, horticulturalists-, and landscapers-in-training.

Along with recurring placements for Early Childhood Education and Nursing students, in the past the Humber Arboretum has also provided work-integrated learning for students from programs such as Film and Media Production, Creative Advertising, Multimedia Design and Development, Business Administration, Child and Youth Care, and UofGH's Media and Communication Studies. 

Connect with Jimmy Vincent (, the Humber Arboretum's Coordinator of Camps, Education and Community Outreach, if you have an idea to incorporate the Arboretum into your curriculum or are seeking a placement for students related to community health, education, or working with children.

Connect with Marilyn Campbell (, the Humber Arboretum's Communications Assistant, to inquire about placements related to media or communications.  


Teach in an Outdoor Classroom

Stone seating surrounded by trees
Forest Classroom


Did you know the Humber Arboretum has outdoor spaces where you can take your class? These spaces are entirely free to use, we just ask that you connect with us beforehand to avoid scheduling conflicts and so we can share some safety information in advance. Options include: 

  • Garden Classroom [details coming soon]
  • Sunset Grove (flat stone seating arranged in a semi-circle, in the main garden area, steps from the CUE)

Please note that wi-fi and a power supply are NOT available at any of the Arboretum's outdoor spaces. Also be aware that we are very close to Pearson Airport which means that a person who is speaking may need to pause periodically while a plane is passing over. The Arboretum always remains open to the public during daylight hours, so you may also have curious passers-by at any time.

As of September 2023, we are just putting the final touches on a booking system and info package about the outdoor classrooms. In the meantime, please email with your inquiries.

Enhance Your Students' Post-Secondary Experience

Two students help install a bird nesting box in a field
Learning by Leading offers memorable, hands-on experiences.


There are so many ways for students from any year or program of study to get involved at the Arboretum, and you can help them by helping us spread the word. The Humber Arboretum offers students:

  • Learning by LeadingTM, a service learning experience that allows students to make new friends and build their professional skills while they learn about local ecology and gain the tools and knowledge to make a real-world difference for the environment
  • Summer employment opportunities in the gardens, as an Environmental Steward, and at Nature Camp, along with occasional other employment opportunities in office or communications roles
  • Co-Curricular Record certified workshops and more casual walks and social events throughout the school year
  • A great place to relax and recharge between classes!  

This handy link provides a menu of opportunities that can be easily shared with your students:


Or a member of our educational staff would be happy to visit your classroom to give a short talk on the Arboretum.

Connect with Jimmy Vincent (, the Humber Arboretum's Coordinator of Camps, Education and Community Outreach, if you have questions or would like to coordinate a classroom visit.  

Bring Your Kids to Camp

Children look into a bucket as a staff member pours maple sap.
March Break Camp includes maple sap harvesting.


Are you a parent working at North Campus? Did you know there's a fantastic day camp right in your "work backyard"?

Humber Arboretum Nature Day Camps run during March Break and throughout July and August. In some years there is also a Winter Break Camp, depending on how the school schedule falls over the holiday season. All programs are at least for ages 5 to 12, with summer camp programming going up to age 14.*

Camp start and end times are designed to make it easy for you to drop off and pick-up your children around the regular Humber College work day. Your kids can spend their days outside exploring and you can have the peace of mind that they are only a few minutes walk from your office or workspace. During the summer, parents are even invited to come over for the end of the camp day and listen in as kids tell stories and share their plant and wildlife sightings from the day during the daily sharing circle.

Visit the Nature Camps and Youth Leadership section of the website to learn more.


*For ages 14 to 17, we also offer the leadership training program LYNX (Leading Youth in Nature Experiences). The first step is virtual and can be done from anywhere, but your teen graduate of Level One can then choose to move on to Level Two, which is an in-person shadowing and placement opportunity which also happens in the Arboretum.

Visit and Attend Events

Two young women take a photo by a pond

Don't forget, the grounds of the Humber Arboretum are open as a public park every day during daylight hours. If you're at North Campus, your midday getaway couldn't be any closer! Have a walking meeting through the woodlands, eat lunch by the waterfall in the Garden of the Rising Moon, or just take five minutes to literally smell the roses (or the fresh scent of pine in the winter months).

The Humber Arboretum also regularly plans free, seasonal walks and workshops that are open to all. Check our event calendar or sign up for the newsletter to find activities that will fit your schedule.