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Temporary Use of Space for Events Policy

Effective Date: January 8, 2019
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Related Procedure(s): PDF ICON Temporary Use of Space for Events Procedure
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The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and the University of Guelph-Humber (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or the “College”) endeavour to make space available to members of the broader College community for their use for Events. The College has both the right and responsibility to manage and control the use of, and access to, its interior and exterior space to ensure that the College’s Academic and Administrative activities are supported. The College is further obliged to ensure the safety of the College community and facilities, and to uphold its legal obligations, values, and reputation. The purpose of this Policy is to establish principles for the booking and temporary use of space at the College.

This document is available in alternate format on request.


This Policy applies to the temporary use of Space for all Events on all Humber campuses. The Policy applies to all members of the College including faculty, staff, and students, student groups, as well as visitors or external organizations.


Academic: means activities related to College teaching, learning and research including the ongoing delivery of programs and curricula in classes, laboratories, tutorials, seminars, conferences and academic-endorsed activities involving industry or community partners.

Administrative: means activities relating to the ongoing management and operation of the College. Including corporate events, and partnerships.

Applicant: means an individual or organization seeking to use Space on a temporary basis.

Booking Authority: means the functional area designated with responsibility to manage the booking process.

Event: means any short-term organized activity, meeting, display, or form of public address by a User within or on College Space.

External: means an Event proposed, held, or facilitated by an Applicant/User that is from outside the College.

Space: means any interior or exterior location owned, leased, rented or otherwise occupied by the College and made available for temporary use.

Student-Organized or Student Clubs: means Events that are hosted and/or sponsored by IGNITE, its recognized student organizations and affiliates.

User: is an organization or individual that has been granted permission to use Space.


1. General

1.1 The College will make Space available for use or uses in accordance with this Policy and the related Procedure.

1.2 All Applicants and Users of College Space are required to comply with this Policy, the related Procedure, as well as applicable College policies, federal, provincial, and municipal laws relating to private property and to the rights of individuals and the College.

1.3 The College upholds the principles of Freedom of Expression as per the Policy Statement on Upholding Free Speech on College Campus, and as such all persons having access to and use of College Space shall observe these principles, the Policy and the law. The College may reasonably regulate the time, place and manner of freedom of expression to ensure it does not disrupt normal College operations and ordinary college activities or endanger the safety of others. The provision of College Space for activities or Events does not in any way imply that the College itself has expressed or condones the views, opinions or beliefs which may be expressed.

1.4 College administration shall have the authority for the efficient allocation of Space and, in consultation with the relevant parties, for the resolution of matters related to competing demands for Space. The College may permit the temporary use of Space and facilities that are not required for Academic or Administrative activities, however the College is under no obligation to do so and may permit or not permit such use at is sole discretion. Where there is competition for Space, the priority ranking for temporary use of Space shall be:

a) Academic
b) Administrative
c) Student Organized
d) External

2. All use of Space will be managed by the appropriate Booking Authority, according to this Policy and its associated Procedures.

2.1 The Booking Authority will have the authority to allocate the temporary use of Space and is responsible for:

a) Managing and tracking any request for temporary use of Space within their jurisdiction;
b) Booking an appropriate Space and providing confirmation of the booking with the Applicant;
c) Informing Applicants/Users of their responsibilities under this Policy, the Procedures and other related College policies;
d) Advising Applicants/Users if the use of Space may also be subject to the approval by the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Capital Development and Facilities Management, Student Services, the Office of Legal and Risk Management or other College authority;
e) Informing the applicable College offices and/or authorities, as identified in 2.1 d) above, to obtain additional approval for an Event;
f) Communicating all relevant information on booking procedures, conditions, restrictions, fees and obligations placed by the College on the use of a particular Space; and
g) Ensuring all appropriate agreements, including insurance, indemnity and liability for External use of Space are concluded prior to an Event.
h) Where any proposed use of Space may broadly impact general operations/services, the Booking Authority will consult/inform them in advance (e.g. noise levels impacting classrooms/offices in event vicinity).

3. A decision under this Policy may be reviewed by the Policy Owner(s) or delegate.

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