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I’m originally from Montreal where I practiced as a corporate paralegal. I loved what I did but decided to come to Ontario to obtain my license here. I wanted to make sure I picked a school that cared about student needs and after doing some research and attending one of Humber’s tours I automatically knew this was the school for me and applied right away. At Humber College, they give us the tools so we can achieve our wildest dreams.


Conor - Creative Advertising Degree

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with creating content and trying new experiences and hobbies. This naturally mixed with my artistic skills and active imagination. Over the years, I jumped from one career possibility to another, trying to find a fit that would satisfy me to no avail.

As I moved onto high school, I expanded on my creative skills and moved closer into media production, primarily animation, photography and design. This helped me narrow down my decisions. I had initially planned on becoming an animator, but as graduation came near, I felt that I still needed more room in my career to add some variety to my daily schedule.

Looking into media programs in Ontario, I knew Humber was the ideal place for me based on its reputation and industry-standard staff and facilities. With this in mind, I applied to Humber, and only Humber because I knew that this was the school I needed to be at.

My first year at Humber was in the Media Foundation program. I found that the program helped advance my skills and give me an insight into a majority of Humber’s media and creative programs. Following graduation, I moved onto my next program, Media Communications. This program allowed me to figure out which direction my skills were taking me and allowed me to carve the path to my future.

Utilizing the wonderful transfer options available at Humber, I transferred within Humber. I am now on my way to completing a degree that I thought I would never be able to accomplish. My current program gives me the tools and knowledge I need to get into the industry and spread my wings creatively.

Now in my fifth year at Humber (both as a student and employee), I want to give back and help students along in their journey at Humber and beyond like ambassadors of the past had done for me.



I've just finished my first year in the journalism program, and I'm so glad I chose my program. Journalism at Humber because I was really interested in all the opportunities they had to offer for each of the programs. In addition, Humber has a lot of additional perks such as an on campus spa and massage therapy clinic that allow me and other students to unwind after busy weeks. Thanks for choosing Humber and I hope to meet you soon!


Madison - Bachelor of Paralegal Studies

I remember feeling overwhelmed with possibilities when it came time to decide what I wanted to do after high school. Throughout my high school experience, I pondered quite a few career choices, but I wasn’t able to commit to the idea of any of them. I’ve always had a very strong desire to help and advocate for others but with that, I wanted to be in an environment that was intellectually challenging and do something I was passionate about.

Law and the criminal justice system was always something I’ve had great interest in, but it wasn’t until my grandfather passed away that I truly fell in love with it and realized I had found my passion. He always told me “if you love what you do, it’ll never feel like work” so that was a piece of advice I held very close when making my decision.

After months of researching different career options, I came across the Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program at Humber, which was the only degree program for paralegals in the province. It immediately piqued my interest, and I dove deeper into my research, learning more about the faculty, current students’ experiences, job opportunities upon graduation, and the school itself.

After attending my first Open House, I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was able to connect with current students and the program coordinator which only solidified my decision further.

Since I started in 2020 and we were all working virtually, I was sort of concerned about the level of connection and interaction I would have with my professors and classmates. Because of these concerns, I decided to participate in the First Year Experience program which allowed me to connect with a senior student in the same program as myself. I found this to be extremely beneficial because I was able to network and get involved on-campus despite the distance.

Not only has being a student at Humber been a fantastic experience, being an employee for the school has also surpassed my expectations. My time as a Student Ambassador has been extremely rewarding and I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be both a Humber student and employee.

Choosing this school was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and witnessing other students come to that same realization is so amazing to see.



Bio coming soon.



I am currently a third year journalism student at the North Campus, and I have been really enjoying my experience so far. Humber is a great place to study and start your career but it’s also great for meeting new people and partaking in fun activities! I'm looking forward to meeting you on tour!


Shay - Paralegal Education Diploma

Deciding to go back to school and leaving my career was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. Even though I felt extremely unhappy, it was hard to even fathom leaving my job. Before deciding to go to Humber, I researched a lot. I knew this was a big decision! Ultimately I ended up deciding on the Paralegal Education Program. My first day of school at the age of twenty- seven was a bit nerve wrecking, but my decision to go back to school was what made it worthwhile. For me, there were no more mistakes, I was going to be a lawyer and Humber was the starting point.

My program is well constructed and well thought out. My professors are very professional and are willing to support and advise. One of the best things about Humber College is that most of the professors work in the industry they are teaching in. Understanding how those skills get used in real life gives vital context and often makes things make more sense.

There is a lot of reading and theory in my program which can be difficult sometimes, but Humber provides a lot of services such as tutoring, and accessible services. They’ve have helped me a lot on this journey. I can certainly say Humber has provided me with the tools I need to be successful. I got this!



I personally chose Humber, since they are a leader in Polytechnic education, allowing its students both the theoretical knowledge they require along with practical experiences. This ensured that I would be getting the best of both worlds. Furthermore, all of Humber’s professors are directly linked with their areas of expertise’s. Thus, further ensuring that students are provided current and relevant training, which is aligned with industry standards. And by taking this all into consideration, I knew that Humber was the right choice for my future.


Taylor - Bachelor of Behavioural Science

My journey to Humber has been a long and complicated one, but I could not be more appreciative of my experiences here. Right out of high school I attended University and although I was not sure what I wanted to do, it seemed like the only decision at the time. My first year was difficult and overwhelming and I decided to take some time to figure out what I wanted from life before jumping back into school. After a year of working, I was still completely unsure who I was or what my passions were but the pressures of being the only one of my friends not seeking a post-secondary education got the better of me. I once again attended another program at another University. Unhappy with my choices I decided to leave school once more, thinking it just simply was not for me. I worked my way up in retail management and found a great store and a great team, but something still felt lacking. I still dreamt of pursuing a degree. I spent some time assessing what about school had not worked for me, and soon discovered I had ADHD that had gone undiagnosed my whole life.

With a new outlook on school and a better understanding of myself as a student I searched for programs that would fuel my passions for working with children, and mental health. I found multiple programs at universities and applied to every program I could. I was rejected from each of them. Undeterred I began researching colleges, and quickly stumbled upon the Humber Lakeshore campus. It was love at first sight.

The stunning campus, the small class sizes and the option to pursue a degree in the Behavioural Sciences that was highly specified and contained placement opportunities; it was even more than I could hope for. I reached out their Accessible Learning Services and was overwhelmed by the supports and resources that were sent to me. My uncertainty about navigating the post-secondary world with a learning disability was quickly put to ease. I have found incredible academic and personal success with assistance from the endless resources and student services offered at Humber. I attended information sessions and was in awe of the dedication of the program coordinator and the effort that the professors made to encourage student success.

My time here has been made even more special through my involvement as a peer mentor, a peer tutor, a digital learning coach, a peer assisted learning coach, a student ambassador and a senior peer mentor. My peers in my program, and the teams I work with in these roles are all passionate and dedicated students who continually assist me in my journey towards academic and personal success. Humber may not have been my first choice but it was simply because there was so much, I did not know about what this incredible college had to offer. It is my hope as a student ambassador to share this knowledge and give prospective and future students insights into the wonders of the Lakeshore campus and the Humber community. Together we can break down our ideas of a “traditional” post-secondary path, to help students create academic paths that reflect their needs and passions.