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As we all continue this unprecedented journey together, we remain committed to our students, to our mandate and to our values. At Humber, these commitments don’t change during challenging times; in fact, they guide us in all that we do. As we are following physical distancing and other health and safety measures, and limiting the number of people onsite, on-campus learning continues to be a quality experience for students who require access to labs and facilities in order to continue their learning. Take a look at some of the in-person classes happening right now. 

Chef showing students how to cook

Students in the culinary labs get hands-on learning with instructor demos, tips and techniques.

student pouring liquid while the teacher measures

Students in the culinary labs practice techniques learned from expert instructors.

chef making pasta

Instructors take a hands-on approach to teaching in our state-of-the-art baking labs.

female student learning about blood splatter

Students in the Forensic ID program learn blood spattering characteristics.

male student testing blood splatter paterns

Students in the Forensic ID program practicing industry techniques.

Female student digging up bones in a mock setup

Students in the Forensic ID program learn industry techniques on campus grounds.

two males working on a mock crime scene

Students in the Forensic ID program practice industry techniques on campus grounds.

female student painting another females hand behind a clear protector

Students in the spa program practice in safe on-campus environments.

female student giving a massage with guidance from a teacher

Students in the spa program learn industry techniques.

female giving someone a treatment

Students use industry equipment in on-campus labs.


During COVID, Work-Integrated-Learning has remained an important part of our program delivery. Each program has its own approach to incorporating online and off-campus activity whether through field and clinical placements or industry-based projects. Click through just some of the examples below.





COVID 19 introduced new challenges to the way our industry partners work, and also in how they support our students. To tackle this challenge, we have created new ways of ensuring our students put their education into practice. Project Library was developed to create opportunities for our students to work in remote ways as well as promoting students work through online thesis shows.

Improving sleep quality for insomniacs

Improving Sleep Quality for Insomniacs
Alexander Braga

Medical, Health & Safety Products​

Podcast image

Me First Podcast
Courtney Wood, Emily Lewis

Addictions and Mental Health

The social kitchen

The Social Kitchen
Hayley Dougall


Headphones in the shape of heart

Grounded: A Mental Health Podcast for Secondary School Students
Nancy Bizzarro, Meaghan Hale, Mallory Young, Marieanna Kucza-czarnota (Anya), Victoria Kodytuakku

Addictions and Mental Health

Amphibious Artic research station

Amphibious Arctic Research Station
Dylan Torraville

Automotive & Transportation Design

We are the humber voices

Humber Voices Podcast
Davian Reynolds , Jessica Pierson, Maria Daschevi, Brigette Hernandez, Michael Ajibe

Bachelor of Social Sciences - Criminal Justice

Wellspring Cancer Community Centre

Wellspring Cancer Community Centre
Katie Campbell


Map of Scarborough

Mapping Community Resources
Steve Thanh Vuong Chau, Ian J. Hopkins, Courtney L. Roach, Tanysha Thomas-andorfer, Raychel K. Wells

Bachelor of Social Sciences - Criminal Justice

SAGO model

SAGO - Portable Tree Delimber
Blake Gosse

Commercial & Industrial Equipment

Tool kit for makingtransitions

Social Isolation and Navigating Relationships
Olivia Bagnarol, Elthea Estrada, Jessica Dipirro, Marzia Monopoli

Bachelor of Social Sciences - Criminal Justice

Sparks Co-Living

Sparks Co-Living
Katelyn Taylor


Forward together

Forward Together
Thania Quevedo, Moya Percy, Rachel Scrivo

Child and Youth Care

woman thinking

Senior Connection
Lisa Trolley

Community Development​

4 images showing how to put a mask on

Life Skills Project
Jessica White, Trishana Nelson

Developmental Services Worker

older female doing yoga

Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Long-Term Care Facilities
Julius Adonis Mateo, Rima Kasbar, Hawa Mohamed, Rutendo Ruimbe

Social Service Worker​

person standing in a bubble cartoon

Social Isolation
Felicia Upi, Kaitlin Mcdonald, Latoya Burgin, Helen Ng, Reileigh Zohren, Shakira Charles

Bachelor of Social Sciences - Criminal Justice



We want you to know that we are committed to your success. While this will be a new experience for all of us, what hasn’t changed are the values that shape how we teach and learn together.

Ian Crookshank

Watch the video to hear how Humber will focus on our existing expertise in providing rich, career-focused education that prepares graduates for success.


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