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Humber Welcomes You Back to School

People return to school for a variety of reasons: to change careers or upgrade skills, for career advancement, or to finish a program started years earlier. No matter what your reason, we are here to make sure that your efforts are worthwhile. We have programs based on skills that are in-demand by employers. Whether you are looking to return to school full-time, online, or part-time, we have flexible learning options that will help you find the right fit.

We'll Meet You Wherever You Are

If you already have a diploma or a degree...

You could be eligible for one of our 50+ Ontario Graduate Certificate programs.

These programs are designed to layer onto your existing education to add unique or niche skills to advance your current professional goals or potentially take your career in a new direction.

See which Ontario Graduate Certificates you may qualify for based on your current education, or choose to search all programs and check admission requirements.

You can apply for advanced standing into one of our many 4-Year Degree programs.

Humber has over 100+ pathways from diploma to degree programs with work-integrated learning experiences to help you launch, or change, your career. Humber diploma graduates will receive a $2,500 automatic scholarship into a Humber degree program.

You can search for pathways from a diploma you started/or completed at Humber or at another educational institution to get started.

Advance your career with industry-recognized professional learning.

Get qualified, get recognized and get promoted. Choose from more than 600+ courses that are offered through online, in-person, bootcamps, workshops and certificate-based options. Subject experts teach across a landscape of sixteen industries ranging from business, to technology, to health and social services.

Funding options may be available for learners and employers.

Virtual Postgraduate Info Sessions

Power up your credential with postgraduate education. Register for Virtual Info Sessions in Nov - Dec 2023.

I have college or university education...

If you have completed or partially complete some college or university education, Humber is a great place to start something new or continue your studies.

You can also search for pathways from a diploma you completed at Humber or at another recgonized instituion to get started. Graduates will be eligible to receive a $2500 automatic scholarship into a Humber degree.

Get the credit you deserve for your prior learning.

Get credit for previous education through Transfer Credits or prior life experience through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

If you completed high school...

And are thinking of pursuing postsecondary education, you may be eligible for a certificate, diploma or degree.

You can apply if you are still in high school and about to graduate or if you have been out of school for a while…

Your eligibility for any programs you apply to at Humber will be determined using your high school grades. If you think your high school grades may not be high enough, or you don't have some of the requirements to get you into the programs you're interested in, don't worry. Humber has one year certificate programs designed to help bridge students into programs they aren't currently eligible for.

If you are over 19 and haven’t graduated from high school…

You're considered a Mature Student.

If you're applying to a certificate or diploma program, we'll invite you in for testing to see if you're eligible to go into your program of choice. If it turns out you're not currently eligible, we'll advise you on possible upgrading pathways.

If you're a Mature Student and you want to pursue a degree at Humber, you must be at least 21 by the first day of class. To be eligible, you can either complete the required high school courses listed under Admission Requirements or you can apply to a related Humber diploma.

Find out what it's like to be a Humber student

All the compelling reasons to choose Humber for your education.