Name of workshops in speech bubbles

Calm and Confident Test-prep and Test-taking : Take the stress out of test-prep and test taking, and learn ways to become a calm and confident test taker. 

Tips for Multiple Choice Tests: Learn some tips on prepping and taking multiple choice tests and exams. 

Chill it’s All Good! How to Manage Your Stress: Feeling stressed? Reflect on ways to manage with your stress, build resiliency, and bounce back from setbacks.

Conquering brain freeze: Improving your memory and concentration: Have a ton of facts and concepts to memorize? Try out some ways to strengthen your memory and concentration skills for tests and exams! 

Group Work: The Struggle is Real: Hate group work? Discover ways to make your next group work a more positive experience.

“I’m too Busy” How to Manage Your Time: Are you easily distracted? Disorganized? Having a hard time finishing assignments and projects on time?  Learn some tips and tricks on how to take control of your time management!

Present like a Boss!: Nervous when you get in front of a crowd? Learn how to present like a boss and build on your presentation skills.

Should I Write this Down? Note Taking Skills: During a lecture, do you ask yourself, should I write this down? Explore ways to maximize your notetaking and learning.  

What’s Your Learning Preference?: Do you learn better when you read something, talk it through with a friend, or apply it to your daily life? Uncover your learning preference and learn how to maximize your learning potential! 

Oh Snap I’m Broke: Managing Your Money: Learn about how to make the most of your money by creating a budget and tricks for reducing your spending costs.

Let's Get Digital: Tips for Online Learning: Learning online isn’t the same so come learn some things about how you can set yourself up for success this semester talking about distractions, space, ergonomics, and being online.