Name of workshops in speech bubbles

Calm and Confident Test-prep and Test-taking : Take the stress out of test-prep and test taking, and learn ways to become a calm and confident test taker. 

Tips for Multiple Choice Tests: Learn some tips on prepping and taking multiple choice tests and exams. 

Chill it’s All Good! How to Manage Your Stress: Feeling stressed? Reflect on ways to manage with your stress, build resiliency, and bounce back from setbacks.

Conquering brain freeze: Improving your memory and concentration: Have a ton of facts and concepts to memorize? Try out some ways to strengthen your memory and concentration skills for tests and exams! 

Group Work: The Struggle is Real: Hate group work? Discover ways to make your next group work a more positive experience.

“I’m too Busy” How to Manage Your Time: Are you easily distracted? Disorganized? Having a hard time finishing assignments and projects on time?  Learn some tips and tricks on how to take control of your time management!

Present like a Boss!: Nervous when you get in front of a crowd? Learn how to present like a boss and build on your presentation skills.

Should I Write this Down? Note Taking Skills: During a lecture, do you ask yourself, should I write this down? Explore ways to maximize your notetaking and learning.  

What’s Your Learning Preference?: Do you learn better when you read something, talk it through with a friend, or apply it to your daily life? Uncover your learning preference and learn how to maximize your learning potential! 

Oh Snap I’m Broke: Managing Your Money: Learn about how to make the most of your money by creating a budget and tricks for reducing your spending costs.

Let's Get Digital: Tips for Online Learning: Learning online isn’t the same so come learn some things about how you can set yourself up for success this semester talking about distractions, space, ergonomics, and being online.

Catching Zs: Sleep Tips for Success: It can sometimes feel like you are never getting enough rest and are always tired and groggy. Come learn some strategies for why that may be happening and how you can sleep better.