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Academic Integrity: The Academic Integrity workshops guide students through the steps they need to follow to avoid plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct in all their assignments.

APA Skills: The APA workshops offer students a chance to review APA basics as well as learning to navigate APA resources and to ask questions about specific APA formatting and citing guidelines.

Calm and Confident Test-Prep and Test-Taking: Do upcoming tests stress you out? Take the stress out of test-prep and test-taking. Attend our workshop and nail your next test!

Conquering Brain Freeze - Improving Your Memory and Concentration: Have a ton of facts and concepts to memorize? Try out some ways to strengthen your memory and concentration skills for tests and exams!

Group Work: The Struggle is Real: “Ugh, another group project…". Working with new teammates can be nerve-wracking. Will we get along? Will they do their share of work? Discover ways to make your next group work a more positive and comfortable experience.

I’m Too Busy! How to Manage Your Time: Are you easily distracted? Disorganized? Having a hard time finishing assignments and projects on time? Learn some tips and tricks on how to take control of your time and stay on top of all deadlines.

Let's Get Digital: Tips for Online Learning: Transition to online learning can be challenging! Join our workshop and discover how you can set yourself up for success this semester. Topics discussed include distractions, space, ergonomics, and being online. You can also book a one-on-one appointment with our Peer Learning Coaches to get more individual support with online learning.

Oh Snap, I’m Broke! Managing Your Money: Being a student is expensive – tuitions, textbooks, rent…. During this workshop, you will learn about how to create a budget as well as tips & tricks for reducing your spending habits.

Present Like a Boss! Presentation Skills: Does presenting in front a crowd make you anxious? Attend our workshop and find out how to become a confident public speaker and interact well with the audience.

Should I Write This Down? Note Taking Skills: During a lecture, do you ask yourself “Should I Write This Down?” In this workshop, you will explore ways to maximize your notetaking skills and learn more about Note Taking Services at Humber.

Tips for Multiple Choice Tests: “Ugh, another multiple choice test!” Do scantrons give you nightmares? Reduce your anxiety by learning practical tips and tricks on how to navigate multiple choice tests and exams.

What’s Your Learning Preference?: Do you learn better when you read something, talk it through with a friend, or apply it to your daily life? Did you know there are several learning styles? During this workshop, you will uncover your learning preference and learn how to maximize your learning potential!

Paraphrasing: When is it better to paraphrase than to quote? Why is paraphrasing often considered to be one of the more difficult writing tasks? What are the challenges and strategies for paraphrasing effectively? How can we avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing? These questions and more will be explored and answered in this new workshop.