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Legal and Risk Management reviews written agreements, contracts, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding or any other documents which may create an obligation or legal commitment upon the College.

In order to assist Legal and Risk Management in processing your request in a timely manner, please provide the following information with your initial request:

  1. Type of contract (new / amendment / renewal)
  2. Purpose of contract (brief description of activity covered by contract)
  3. Is this contract the result of the procurement process (i.e. RFP or sole source)? If yes, please provide copy to Legal Services
  4. Are there any deadlines we should be aware of?
  5. What is the total value of the contract?
  6. Whether the contract involves the collection, use or disclosure of Humber data (personal information). If unsure, please refer to the PIA decision tree first.

Please refer to the flow chart below for an overview of the contract review process or contact us with any questions.

How to Initiate a Contract Review


I have / need a contract


Legal and Risk Management reviews contract; coordinates with internal staff as appropriate

Works with external parties (i.e. vendors) to review and negotiate terms and conditions

Legal and Risk Management prepares, coordinates, and finalizes contract, obtaining signatures of signing authority of College

Legal and Risk Management retains all fully executed contracts and maintains/updates contract register