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Program Suspension/Cancellation Policy

Effective Date: November 12, 2012
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Program Suspension/Cancellation Policy
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The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) may need to suspend or cancel a program based on such factors as student demand, retention, graduation rates, financial viability, labour market demand and program quality. This policy outlines the College’s commitment to students if a program is suspended or cancelled.


This applies to all programs of instructions offered by the College and to all applicants and students.


Program of Instruction: a group of related courses leading to a certificate, diploma, degree or other document awarded by the Board of Governors.

Suspended Program: a program of instruction into which the College has decided not to admit first year of beginning level students.

Cancelled Program: a program of instruction that the College is no longer offering and in which no students are enrolled.


1. The College Board of Governors will inform the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities of a final decision to suspend or cancel a Ministry funded program of instruction at all campuses and all delivery modes, including part-time.

2. New Students

2.1 The College will make a decision to suspend/cancel a program prior to the confirmation date in order to minimize impact on students.
2.2 New students will be notified when a program intake is suspended/cancelled and, where possible, offered registration in another program.
3. Continuing Students

3.1 Students registered in a cancelled or suspended program will be guaranteed the opportunity to complete their program within the normal time period.
3.2 In special circumstances where it is not possible for registered students to complete the program at the College, the College will assist the students to become enrolled in the same or a similar program offered by another college within a reasonable distance from the College.


Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Minister’s Binding Policy Operating Procedure 3.0 Programs, Program Suspension and Cancellation Operating Procedure, December 31, 2007