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Policy and Procedure Development Framework Policy

Effective Date: February 25, 2014
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Policy and Procedure Development Framework Policy
Related Procedure(s): PDF ICON Policy and Procedure Development Framework Procedure
  This document is available in alternate format on request.


This policy provides a consistent approach to the development, approval, communication, implementation, and revision of all Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) college-wide policies and procedures.


This applies to all Humber employees who are involved in the revision or development of policies and procedures that apply across the college. This does not apply to specific school and departmental policies and procedures.


Administrator: normally refers to Associate Vice President, Manager, Director, Associate Director, Dean, Associate Dean, Registrar or Deputy Registrar who has lead responsibility for the policy/procedure as part of his/her responsibilities.

Administrative Contact: The Administrator who has lead responsibility for the policy/procedure as part of his/her responsibilities.

Policy: A formal document that communicates broad principles of operation and standards on a particular subject to guide the actions and decision-making of individuals which may include employees, students, visitors and contractors. It communicates the College’s official position statement of what is expected on issues that have college-wide application. It may be in place because of a law, regulation, a risk to the College, students or others or an organizational requirement.

Policy Holder: The Vice President who is designated in the policy to be accountable for the content of the policy and who is responsible for the implementation of the policy.

Procedure: An operational set of specific action steps and processes required to support the implementation of the policy, where needed. It may identify roles and assign responsibilities for the activities.


  1. Policies will provide  management guidelines to regulate direct and control organizational actions and conduct and will be consistent with Humber by-laws, mission, values, strategic priorities and strategies, collective agreements, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and/or other government directives and/or legislation.
  2. Types of policies will include:
    • Academic - learning, teaching and research;
    • Human  Resources -  occupational health  and  safety, human  resources,  equity  and diversity;
    • Student Services - library, student supports;
    • Administrative - communications/marketing, public safety, finance, facilities, information technology, general operations.

      At the discretion of the Policy Holder, a college-wide procedure(s) related to a policy may be developed where there is a need to provide specific operational instructions on steps to take when a situation occurs.
  3. All approved policies will be binding on all individuals identified in the Scope of each policy.
  4. All employees will be responsible for being familiar with all policies and procedures (where applicable) that relate to their job duties.
  5. Policies and procedures (where applicable) will be developed in consultation with key stakeholders identified by the Policy Holder with the Administrator responsible for developing the policy.
  6. All policies and related college-wide procedures (where applicable) will be documented on the Humber Policy and Procedure Templates (Appendix A and B).
  7. The Executive Advisory Council will review and recommend all policies and related procedure(s) (where applicable) to the Executive Team.
  8. The Executive Team will review and approve all policies and related procedure(s) (where applicable).
  9. The President may request Board of Governors' approval on policies such as those that pertain to governance, those that apply to members of the Board of Governors, those specified by the  Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and/or those related to legislation. See Appendix C for list of Policies to be Provided to the Board of Governors.
  10. Policy and procedure (where applicable) implementation and communication will be the responsibility of the Policy Holder.
  11. All policies and procedures (where applicable) will be available to the Humber community through the Humber website.
  12. To ensure relevancy and currency,all policies and related procedures (where applicable) will be reviewed on an as needed or legislated basis and/or at least every five years.



Appendix A: Policy Template - see template in PDF version of the Policy and Procedure Framework

Appendix B: Procedure Template - see template in PDF version of the Policy and Procedure Framework

Appendix C

Policies To Be Provided to the Board of Governors

As defined in 9. of this policy, the following policies will be provided to the Board of Governors’ for information and/or approval as appropriate:

  1. Signing Authority
  2. Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower)
  3. Human Rights
  4. Occupational Health and Safety
  5. Accessibility (AODA)
  6. Acceptable Use for Technical Services
  7. Purchasing