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Social Media Policy

Effective Date: February 19, 2019
Related Procedure(s): PDF ICON Social Media Procedure
  This document is available in alternate format on request.


The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and the University of Guelph-Humber (hereinafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) aims to ensure the responsible use of social media by the Humber community in order to build authentic engagement and social interaction in support of Humber’s mission, vision and values.

As per Humber’s Policy Statement on Upholding Free Speech, members of the Humber community are free to express their views and contest the views of others. All members must respect the rights of others to express their views. Speech that violates the law, and speech that constitutes harassment, a threat or hate speech is not permitted.

The purpose of the Social Media Policy is to outline the acceptable adoption and use of social media platforms and to ensure that Humber community understand their responsibilities when interacting on social media platforms.

This document is available in alternate format on request.


This Policy applies to the following members of the Humber community: all employees, staff, faculty, contract employees and Board of Governors, who identify themselves as being affiliated with Humber in their social media profiles or content. 


Blog: A blog post is a regular entry of commentary, descriptions of events/activities or other materials such as graphics, photos or videos available online.

Live video: A live video broadcast with enabled viewer interaction, from a social media platform.

Personal social media account: Social media accounts for Humber employees or students’ personal use which do not represent the College.

Post: Any user-generated information shared on a social media site.

Primary social media account:  A single account on a social media platform that represents Humber as a whole rather than a College department, academic area, program or another unit (i.e. @HumberCollege on Twitter).

Affiliated professional social media account: Social media accounts for Humber employees who post, interact and share information on social media platforms on behalf of Humber, or related on- or off-campus activities and initiatives that are affiliated with/connected to their role at the College (Example: Dean accounts, Program Coordinator accounts, etc.).

Affiliated secondary social media account: An official social media account that is owned and managed by a College department, academic area, program, or another unit (i.e. @sustainhumber on Twitter, representing Humber’s Department of Sustainability).

Social Media Liaison: Individual(s) responsible for coordinating social media efforts on behalf of their faculty, program, department, etc. Social Media Liaison activities include (but may not be limited to) managing and monitoring accounts, ensuring that the Social Media Policy and Procedure and the Terms of Service on each social media channel are followed, and are responsible for the content published by their social media account(s).

Social media: Online platforms that allow users to generate and share content and information publicly. This includes, but is not limited to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Wechat, VK, YouTube and blogs.

Terms of Service: This is the agreement between the social media site and the user. Almost all social media sites will ask users to acknowledge this prior to being given access to the site’s services.


  1. Humber community members are required to use social media in a responsible and professional manner in accordance with Humber’s ValuesPolicies and Procedures, including but not limited to the Acceptable Use PolicyPolicy Statement on Upholding Free Speech, and Provincial and Federal laws as applicable. 
  2. Social media applications, regardless of how such applications are accessed, should never be used for:
    • 2.1. Conducting operational business transactions on behalf of the College; 
    • 2.2. Matters pertaining to confidential information or private information about Humber or Humber community members including students, prospective students, employees, faculty, contractors, donors, or alumni. 
  3. Members of the Humber community who express personal opinions on social media are reminded to indicate that their opinions are personal and that they are not speaking on behalf of Humber. 
  4. The Department of Marketing and Communications: 
    • 4.1. Is the lead social media account holder for Humber’s Primary social media accounts and is the designated Humber Social Media Liaison providing oversight to College social media accounts and guidance to Humber’s departments, faculties and the University of Guelph-Humber Social Media Liaisons on consistent user experience. 
    • 4.2. Is responsible for maintaining the master list of all College-affiliated social media accounts, their account holders, and login credentials for continuity and/or security reasons. Social Media account login information shall be kept confidential and stored in an encrypted and secure location. 
    • 4.3. Can recommend the suspension or deactivation of any accounts which have remained inactive and/or dormant for an extended period of time (four weeks or more). 
    • 4.4. Can direct Secondary social media accounts in the event of an emergency regarding the type of content to be posted including emergency-related information and updates, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management.
  5. Affiliated Secondary and Professional social media accounts: 
    • 5.1. Will be managed and maintained by the applicable Faculty or Department that created them. If a Humber affiliated social media account is managed by a third party, this must be reported to the Department of Marketing and Communications and approved by the Dean/Director/designate of the Faculty or Department. The Faculty or Department that created the account(s) remains responsible for the account’s content and activity. 
    • 5.2. The Dean/Director/designate of their applicable Faculty or Department is responsible for ensuring that employees managing their Humber affiliated social media account(s) have read and understand this Policy as well as the accompanying Social Media Procedure and Social Media Guidelines (collectively referred to as the Social Media Playbook). 
    • 5.3. Must adequately reflect their connection to Humber through consistent branding and website links which conform to Humber brand standards in order to ensure consistent user experience across all channels. This includes, but is not limited to, accurate branding and identification in public account descriptions, bios, profile information, logos, avatars and profile icons. 
    • 5.4. Must be registered with the Department of Marketing and Communications including confidential login information and account holder details for the Social Media Liaison for use in the event of an emergency, temporary suspension, deactivation or where the account manager is not accessible or no longer works at Humber. 
    • 5.5. Should maintain consistent activity in order to remain online or live. Inactivity and lack of consistent monitoring may affect Humber’s reputation. Accounts that no longer have an identifiable Social Media Liaison or administrator should be deactivated. 
  6. In order to limit the social media footprint and keep track of the number of graduates, alumni and employees registered on professional networking sites, the creation of additional Primary or Secondary social media accounts outside of Humber’s main presence on social media used for professional networking and/or corporate and educational recruitment (LinkedIn and similar platforms) is not permitted (this does not include user groups on these platforms, i.e. “HRT class of 2007 group”, “Humber design grads”, etc.). 
  7. Individuals found in violation of this Policy may be subject to remedial action and such violations will be reviewed by the respective manager and Human Resources Department in accordance with applicable collective agreements and/or terms and conditions of employment.