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Program Advertising Complaint Procedure

Effective Date: June 9, 2013
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Program Advertising Complaint Procedure
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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that applicants and students have the opportunity to request a review of Humber’s published program information and advertising materials in the event that the applicant or student believes that the program information or advertising materials were, or continue to be, unclear or misleading.


Advertising: Any public message (expressed in any language and communicated in any medium) of goods, services for sale, or opinions intended to influence choice or behaviour.


1. Informal Review Process

The applicant or student may contact the Office of the Registrar and request an explanation of a marketing and/or advertising activity. The Office of the Registrar will forward the request to the appropriate School or Department and the Dean, Department Head, or designate(s) responsible, who will contact the applicant or student to discuss and resolve the issue. If a satisfactory resolution is achieved, no further action will be required.

2. Formal Review Process

2.1 If the applicant or student is not satisfied with the explanation provided through the Informal Review Process, he/she may request a Formal Review by completing the ‘Program Advertising Complaint’ form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.

2.2 In the request form, the applicant or student will be asked to provide specific detail as to the nature of the concern and all relevant documentation supporting the concern. This will include:

a) date the issue first became evident;
b) where the program information/or advertising material was first seen or heard;
c) the names of Humber staff or faculty involved; and
d) the effect of the activity on the applicant’s or student’s experience at Humber.

2.3 The Office of the Registrar will conduct a preliminary investigation of the complaint with the School or Department responsible and document the response.

2.4 The Office of the Registrar will submit the Program Advertising Complaint form and the school or department response to the responsible Vice President.

2.5 The Vice President will review the complaint from the applicant or student and the response from the School or Department. If clarification is required the Vice President will consult with the parties involved, the Marketing and Communications Department and/or legal counsel. Based on the review, the Vice President will direct the Office of the Registrar to communicate the decision and Humber’s action to remedy the concern, if applicable, to the applicant or student who initiated the complaint. The Office of the Registrar will communicate the decision within 30 days of the initial receipt of the Request.

2.6 The Office of the Registrar will confirm the complaint and the outcome with the office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Analysis for purposes of reporting in Humber’s Annual Report.


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Program Advertsing Complaint Form (see PDF version of Program Advertising Complaint Procedure for fillable form)