Project Team

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Making Accessible Media Team

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

Project Lead: Anne Zbitnew

Project Manager: Jennie Grimard

Lead Researcher: Dr. Chelsea Jones

Access Manager: Kim Collins

Broadcast Media Expert: Mike Karapita

Content Creators: Jennie Grimard, Mike Karapita, Steve Saylor, Anne Zbitnew, Hannah Zbitnew

Accessibility as Aesthetic Film Leads: Sean Lee, Angelo Muredda, Sheyfali Saujani

Additional Contributors: Margaret Alexander, Asmita Amunde, Marianna Belham, Cody Bennett, Jennifer Chatsick, Marsha Ireland, Max Ireland, Melanie Marsden, Fran Odette, Debbie Parliament, Tabby Rose

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Design/Development Team

Project Manager: Jennie Grimard

Graphic Designer: Jennie Grimard

Lead Web Developer: Brandon Byers

Web Developer: Lichuan Wen, Kathy Kim

Assistant Web Developer: Harpreet Kaur

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Multi-Media Team

Making Accessible Media: Video Director, Editor: Innis Papagiannis; Sound: Matt Porteous, Dave Murray

Imagine a Journalist: Diana Bahirian, Yhasmina Garcia Martinez

Disabled Journalist Panel: Diana Bahirian, Yhasmina Garcia Martinez

Sheyfali Saujani Interview: Diana Bahirian, Yhasmina Garcia Martinez

The CICE Team Podcast: Jacob Berc, Cody Bennett

Reframing Disability: Emillo Morerria, Yhasmina Garcia Martinez

Relaxed Performance: Tyler Jones, Lukas Pleasance, Irina Tedescu

Accessible Video Games: Steve Saylor

Sign Language videos: Canadian Hearing Society, Connect Interpreting Services; Marsha Ireland; Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service Media

Transcription and Captioning: Andrew Belanger, Adrienne Smith, Erika Verhagen, David Widmann, Hannah Zbitnew