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Municipal Bylaw

Certificate of Accomplishment

Program Code: MBD1

Program Overview

The Municipal Bylaw certificate offers a course of study that is designed to meet and supplement the training needs of the municipal bylaw enforcement officer.


The program provides foundational information for those interested in pursuing the career of a municipal bylaw enforcement officer. Courses will provide the student with instruction in all areas of bylaw enforcement including common bylaws, property standards, the planning act, trials and committee presentations, and various municipal statutes such as zoning, animal control bylaws and licensing.


Student Success Stories

I have been working towards a career in municipal bylaw for many years. It is a very competitive industry, and my education was minimal when I chose to pursue a career in bylaw enforcement. I knew I needed a better education. I looked at many programs before I found the Municipal Bylaw program at Humber College. 

The classes at Humber were challenging and I was always excited to be learning something new. It took me a couple of years to complete the program due to various life responsibilities but the benefit of continuing education was that I knew the courses would still be there when I was able to return.

Overall, my experience at Humber was a good one, the online access to pick courses and check my progress was great. If I ever had to reach out to Humber for any reason, the response times were always good, and I was never left having to chase anyone for information or to follow up. I am very proud of my Humber Certificate. It hangs proudly on my wall and I truly feel a sense of accomplishment when I look at it. 

Since completing my Municipal Bylaw studies at Humber I have joined Metrolinx. I am currently a transit fare inspector with GO Transit.     

Michael Mullett, Municipal Bylaw Graduate

I am currently the Administrative Assistant to the Head of Orthopaedics at Mt. Sinai Hospital. I graduated from York University in 1995 with a Political Science Degree. As a mom of an 18 year old daughter who is now attending York University herself, I decided I needed a career change.  In talking to a near and dear friend, he suggested that I consider bylaw enforcement, as he thought it would suit my personality very well.  After looking into it, I registered for the Municipal Bylaw program at Humber College. In beginning this journey and being out of school for nearly 20 years, I was excited to find that my experience was phenomenal. My instructors Steven Duggan, Harvey Gorewicz and mentor Melinda Fartsalas each played an important part in my career-changing goal. It was especially Melinda’s motivation and positivity that gave me the confidence and determination in completing the program. I will continue towards my goal of becoming bylaw enforcement officer by completing the MLEO and OAPSO courses in the spring of 2017. I am especially excited and proud to join my class in graduating from the Municipal Bylaw program with Honours.

Joanne Ascenzi, Municipal Bylaw Graduate

I began my pursuit of a career in bylaw enforcement years ago, as a Long Grass / Weeds Inspector with a municipality. The only qualification required for the position was post-secondary education in law enforcement, whether completed or currently enrolled. As it was a summer position, many of the duties in that position were simplified versions of documents and tasks required in property standards. I did not have much experience or knowledge on handling provincial offences procedures, as Police Foundations only slightly covered the topic. Luckily, the bylaw officers in the department advised me to enrol in the Municial Bylaw certificate program at Humber College if I was serious about pursuing a career in this field. I enrolled into the program as quickly as I could.

While I was enrolled, a part time position opened for a parking enforcement officer at the municipality I was working for. I not only qualified for, but was also able to acquire the position, because I was already enrolled in the Municipal Bylaw program. The new position required more knowledge of the field, and it took no time at all for me to become familiar with the proceedings.



  • LASP 101: Municipal Bylaws
  • LASP 102: Bylaw Enforcement
  • LASP 103: Trials and Committee Presentation
  • LASP 104: Property Standards and Zoning

How to Register

You are required to register for each individual course included in a CE program. You can register for a course by selecting it and following the instructions in the “How to Register” box.


Each CE program is comprised of a series of courses which may all have different fees. You are required to register for each course individually and pay the associated fees. Once you select the course, the fee is displayed in the “How to Register” box.

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