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O2GO Reusable Food Container Program 

Developed by  OZZI, the O2GO® Reusable Food Container program is a sustainable alternative to single-use packaging. Humber is expanding the program to more food service locations at the North campus. Users can opt to have their meals served in O2GO containers at the Street Café and Staff Lounge, while meals at the Residence Café will be exclusively served on O2GO. To enter the program, users must request for their meal to be served in an O2GO container and pay a one-time fee of $10 at check-out per container using debit, credit or cash, or the ONECard app for those wishing to redeem the cost of their container for ONECard credit upon exiting the program.

green o2go container with a burger and chips in the compartments

  1. Download the Avro Mobile App
    1. Download the Avro Mobile app from either the Google Play or App Store.
    2. Log into the app using your Humber username followed by "" (example: or your University of Guelph-Humber email address (example: or and tap the "Done" button
    3. Follow Avro Mobile app set up instructions
  2. Load funds to your ONECard and pay program fee
    1. Open Avro Mobile app or visit
    2. On the app, go to “Account Balance”. Go to “Add Money” tab.
    3. Load $10 to your "General” account. If you are a North Campus resident, the $10 fee will be deducted from your Flex Dollar balance.
    4. When paying for your first meal in an O2GO container, the cashier will charge you $10 to join the program. This step is only required when first entering the program or if purchasing additional containers.
    5. To pay using ONECard, simply tap your phone on ONECard reader, as prompted by cashier.
  3. Enjoy O2GO
    1. Return O2GO container to an O2GO machine closest to you. Machines are located next to participating food locations.
    2. The machine will issue you a token. Keep it for your next O2GO meal.
    3. When paying for subsequent O2GO meals, simply hand token to cashier. ONECard does not have to be scanned again.
    4. Repeat process for every meal and container received.
  4. Exit O2GO program
    1. Follow this step only when you wish to leave the O2GO program.
    2. If you still have a container, return it to an O2GO machine and collect a token
    3. With a token in hands, head to the Dining Plan Office at North Campus LX104 (open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm – 416-675-6622 x 75350)
    4. Staff will collect token, check your ONECard transactions, and provide your $10 credit on ONECard when applicable. Credit cannot be issued for users who paid their container deposit with credit, debit, or cash.
    5. Use your ONECard credit anywhere on campus where ONECard is accepted (find more information at

Note: If you are a user of the Friendlier reusable container program at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus, your container deposit can be redeemed through the Friendlier App – not OneCard.

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