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Before you can access parking, you must first purchase a parking permit online through MyHumber.

Then you must download the Avro Mobile App. Go to Download to get started. If you have already downloaded the Avro Mobile App follow the instructions below.

person holding their phone in a car showing the parking app

Student Parking

Students must use ONECard to access North Campus parking lots. No physical access cards will be issued to students.

professional looking woman using her phone standing next to a car in a parking garage

Staff Parking

ONECard and physical Staff IDs can be used to access North Campus permit holder lots. The new Declining Balance parking option is available to Full-time staff only and only accessible in Lot 9 with multi-use Parking Permits purchased at MyHumber.

How to get support for this service:

How to Use ONECard for Parking Lot Access:

mobile home screen with the Avro Mobile app circled

  1. Open Avro mobile app on your phone by pressing the icon.

Avro Mobile App home screen with small door icon in top right circled

  1. Avro Mobile App will open the Home screen. Press the small door in the top right corner (circled in black).

Lenel Reader page showing closest available entrance or exit gate

  1. The closest available entrance or exit gate card reader will appear on the screen. Press the Lenel Reader that appears on your phone screen.

Chosen gate highlighted

  1. The chosen gate will flash green and the gate will open if you have authorized access (a valid parking permit).