Do you have Questions? Of course, you do! It's all good, We Got You!

What is Online Orientation? 

Online Orientation is designed to provide you with a space to learn how to navigate your new academic journey. You will also have the opportunity to Meet Your Faculty, partake in many fun and free events with our Welcome Month, where you can interact with other Humber students and gain an understanding of how Humber is working to support you! 


What is my “Faculty”?

All programs are grouped into “faculty”, for example, if you are taking Business Management, you're in the Faculty of Business. To find out your faculty please click here.


Do I have to register for Online Orientation ahead of time?

No! If your program is running a Meet Your Faculty session you will receive an email from Humber College with all the details for your virtual session happening between Tuesday, August 3rd - Wednesday, August 4th.  Your Meet Your Faculty session was created to have a space where you can get all your questions answered from your faculty, meet other classmates and feel ready for your first day at Humber! (Bonus, if you do register through the link provided in the email from Humber College you will be entered to win a $100 e gift card!)


How do I log in to my Meet Your Faculty session?

Good question! We’re so excited for you to join us in our Meet Your Faculty session. Please watch this video to get a step-by-step on how to join us during your session! Joining Meet Your Faculty session


Is there information for family and friends?

Yes! Information for family and friends can be found here.


Is there a cost to attend Orientation?

No! Orientation is free and a great way to get ready to take on your new academic journey!


What should I wear for Orientation?

Dress in whatever makes you feel good! 


What's the best way to meet people during Orientation?

Sometimes it can be intimidating to join events. Rest assured, everyone is in the same position as you and we have built-in opportunities for you to interact with other students during our events and on social media. You can also check out this video on how to make friends online for some tips from a fellow student!


What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) that Humber uses. On Blackboard, you’ll find detailed information about your course, your course materials such as learning materials and course readings, discussions, and more. Blackboard is also how most professors will host their communication, whether through announcements or course messages. For more information on Blackboard, check out Open Learning Centre’s YouTube channel.


How do I log in to Blackboard?

You’ll need to visit where you will need your Humber number, or often called your N number, as well as a password to log in to Blackboard. For more details, please click here 


I’m an upper-year Humber student interested in learning more about how to stay connected at Humber while studying virtually, can I attend  Orientation?

Yes! Our Orientation website’s content is fully available for all Humber students, family, and friends to access. Our Meet Your Faculty Sessions and several of our Welcome Month events are only available for first-year students. For more information, please e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!


What information should I know if I am returning to campus?

If you are returning to campus physically, be sure to check out our Return to Campus page 


What if I have other questions about COVID-19 updates?

If you have any other questions surrounding Humber College’s COVID-19 updates, please check out Humber's COVID-19 Questions & Answers 


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