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Whether you’re looking to acquire rapid skills or establish the foundations for a new career, our expanding range of online and in-person courses will meet your career goals.


900+ courses & workshops


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Humber’s breadth of Continuing Professional Learning will help future-proof your career or organization.

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Continuing Education

Whether you need to up-skill, re-skill or build the foundation for a new career, we have options to get you to your goals.

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Corporate Training Solutions

Whether you are a professional or an organization, we provide comprehensive, results-driven training.

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Association and Professional Programs

Humber delivers programs on behalf of Associations designed to enhance knowledge and competencies in specific fields.

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Real Estate Education Programs

Real estate is a diverse and welcoming profession that provides many opportunities for growth.

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Online courses are similar to face-to-face courses as they cover the same learning outcomes and course content. However, they will differ in terms of content delivery and assessments. For example, some of our online courses are a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous moments; which means you might be working on your own or with a group, digesting course content, and then you might be attending a virtual office hours with your instructor. The critical path will give you a better understanding of course expectations.

Your online course will use a virtual classroom to facilitate learning. Once you have registered for an online course, you will received a welcome email with details on the type of learning platform the online course will be using. Once you have access to your course site, you’ll be able to find out all about your course and find things like a course outline or what textbooks are required.

Our online courses are available in a variety of different formats to suit the needs of learners. Many online courses do have firm start and end dates, however. While you can access your course material anytime, students are expected to complete the course requirements as per the schedule outlined by their teacher in the critical path.

All of the course content, materials and assignments will be available within your course site. Depending on the course, you may need to complete a final assessment in a proctored environment.

Once you enrol in an online course and gain access to your course site, you will find that the course materials take a variety of different forms. Any reading materials/textbooks that your course requires, will be listed in your course outline within your course site. Textbooks and supplies are an additional cost and are not included in course fees. Textbooks required will be mentioned in the course outline for the course.

Our online courses use a variety of evaluation methods, and in some cases, include a final assessment. Final assessments, where applicable, may use a variety of delivery methods. Your instructor will at some point indicate that delivery and how it may be completed.